This is how Nickelback in Detroit should have gone…

As you surely know, Nickelback played the halftime show of yesterday’s highly anticipated Lions-Packers Thanksgiving Day game, much to the chagrin of some 55,000 people who signed a petition to have a band that doesn’t suck entertain us during the day’s first football intermission.

Heck, Ndamukong Suh was so upset at Nickelback’s performance that he kicked a guy!

And the sad thing is that all of this – including the terrible, barely-possible-to-listen-to performance by Nickelback – could have been avoided with a simple compromise.

The compromise? Nickelback…Motown-style.

After watching this, your first thought will probably be what mine was: the saxophone sounds pretty bad. And it does. But once you get past that, the singing is good, the energy is great, and this song is undeniably better than the actual Nickelback version.

How come the best ideas aren’t realized until after the fact?


Now, might I request a Motown version of Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull?

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