Photo Story: “Sucks For Luck” starring Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning, and with special musical guest Jim Irsay

Outside of Tim Tebow, the two players most discussed this season by NFL pundits and fans alike have combined to take zero NFL snaps through 8 weeks.

I am referring, of course, to Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck, two quarterbacks whose futures become ever more entwined as the Colts get closer and closer to having the first pick in next April’s draft (and as the news about Manning’s neck continues to worsen).

andrew-luck-peyton-manning-sucks-for-luckWe’ve had some fun it with it here on MSF, posting weekly “Suck 4 Luck” Power Rankings every Monday. And they’ve certainly had fun with it on ESPN, where for the last 48 hours, on pretty much every one of their motormouthing talk shows, gas bags have been debating what the Colts should do if and when they get the #1 pick and Peyton Manning is healthy enough to play again.

I thought we were going overboard mentioning it once a week, but ESPN has walked the plank the last two days. I realize they do this because it’s what people want to hear talked about, but people only want to hear it talked about because Luck has been so endlessly hyped up by the ESPNs of the world in the first place. It’s a vicious and in many ways worthless cycle.

But the futures of you, me, and almost everybody else are not affected by this cycle. The future of Luck is affected, however, because he is now seen by desperate teams and fan bases across the NFL as some kind of savior sent from the Plant Elway by the Grace of Unitas to rescue one lucky franchise from the depths of NFL purgatory.

Which got me to thinking: that must kind of suck…for Luck. So I made a photo story about it.

If you don’t see the photo story below, click here to view in a separate window.


Note: Hat tip to our buddy @BlkSportsOnline for coining the nickname “Thor” for Curtis Painter.

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What do you think about the Andrew Luck hype? Is it overblown? Is it unfair to him?

And how about the Colts? How would you approach the offseason if Peyton Manning is deemed healthy enough to resume playing in 2012?

The comment section is there if you want to discuss.

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