Fantasy Football Week 11 Stock Watch: Vince Young Edition

Now this is what football season is about!

Denver found a way to beat the Jets last night, and New York can now pretty much kiss the playoffs goodbye.  Important division games in Baltimore and New York will have a hand in deciding the future for all of the teams involved.

But let’s get to the fantasy world.

Asante Samuel thinks the front office in Philly is playing fantasy football; maybe they are, maybe they aren’t, but those guys do know how to put up numbers…and there is a new face from that squad who we would like you to give a chance to come Sunday night.  From rookies to vets, we have it all in this week’s Stock Report.

Fantasy Football Week 11 Stock Report: Stocks Up

Vince Young

If there was ever a time to prove that you are an NFL quarterback, then now is the time for VY.  In terms of actually playing the position, he might not fare so well; but with all of the weapons that Philadelphia has on offense you have to think that anyone could succeed as the signal caller.


And from a fantasy perspective, if all else fails throwing the ball, his legs aren’t too shabby either.

Alex Smith

If San Francisco is going to consider themselves a serious contender in the NFC, then Alex Smith isn’t going to be able to hide behind a great defense and coach for long. A breakout game is needed, and the timing couldn’t be better with the likely hungover Cardinals coming to town. Expect some big numbers with the state of the Arizona secondary.

Brandon Jacobs

Apparently the Eagles have designed their defense to play while they are ahead (hence the weak front 7) rather than from behind. New York knows exactly what to do on Sunday, and that is to give Brandon Jacobs the ball over and over again. He may not break out for long runs, but when it comes to the red zone few running backs can do a better job of getting to pay dirt when the ball is inside the 5.

Maurice Morris

Well, the Lions are beginning to see what happens in this league when you pretty much forget about the running game. If this team is serious about getting to the playoffs and making a run, then this is the week they should take advantage of the cushy matchup against the Carolina run defense. With no Jahvid Best, say hello to Maurice Morris.

Michael Crabtree

Somebody not named Vernon Davis needs to step up for this receiving corps, and it really should be the man that San Fran selected with their first pick a few years back. This is really a match made in heaven for the 49ers passing game as Arizona posts the #24 pass defense in the league.

Earl Bennett

Finally Jay Cutler has that number one receiver that will help him become a top 5 quarterback in the NFL! Not exactly, but Earl Bennett is by far the best receiver in Chicago right now. As his rapport with Cutler continues to build during this win streak for the Bears, more good things could come from this.

Benjamin Watson

Is it fair to say that the Cleveland Browns have the absolute worst offense in the NFL? Having scored 20 or more points just once this year, the players on offense that can make a difference are few and far between. Watson should benefit directly from the opposing defense starting to take notice of teammate Greg Little’s recent success. I mean, someone has to step up right?

Bears D/ST

I can’t lie. This unit basically won my matchup for me this past Sunday with that 34 point outburst. There is a 1 in infinity chance that they repeat the effort, but with Phillip Rivers throwing the amount of INT’s he has thrown this year anything can happen.

Fantasy Football Week 11 Stock Report: Stocks Down

Cam Newton

This should be the game that will let everyone know if Cam will have a rookie dropoff this season. Even if he does go on to win the ROY award, this matchup is going to pose problems for his passing stats. The one thing that does save him in this game are his legs, but other than that you should look for other options if available.

Maurice Jones-Drew

Week after week, teams key on MJD because there really isn’t anyone in Jacksonville worth worrying about. The Browns have the league’s best pass defense against arguably the worst starting quarterback in Blaine Gabbert. MJD is a great player, but he can’t do it all by himself.

Anquan Boldin

He has lost a step since his days with Larry Fitzgerald in Arizona, and it’s starting to become noticeable this year. And now getting into the end zone in key moments is starting to become Torrey Smith’s job.  Even though the Bengals probably won’t have Leon Hall, Boldin is still going to be looked upon in the Ravens offense as a possession receiver so those big gains that everyone hopes for will likely be null.

Mario Manningham

This spot was likely going to be reserved for Hakeem Nicks, but he isn’t on the list because the Eagles don’t play the man to man defense that allows Nnamdi Asomugha to shine. Both of these guys can’t have big games as Philly is designed to stop the pass, so it would be wise to think that the better player of the two (Nicks) will get his before Super Mario.

Brandon Pettigrew

Hinging upon the fact that the Lions actually try and use their running game against a poor run defense, the tight end position usually gets left out of the fold.  If you are thinking that the Lions will go play action then you are right, but opposed to throwing the ball to the tight end like most teams, Detroit has something that no team has: Megatron. He gets his before anyone else, case closed.

Jacksonville D/ST

Wait a minute, didn’t I just say the Browns have one of the worsT offenses in the NFL?  Yes, but Jacksonville is the only team in the NFL with more atrocious stats in terms of moving the chains. This defense is going to be on the field all day long and you have to admit that Colt McCoy did look decent last week, so the tide could be changing.


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