Fantasy Football Week 11 Freeroll Contest from FanDuel

All throughout the 2011 season you have seen me posting about and linking to FanDuel, and with good reason: it rocks.

And yet again, the fine folks at FanDuel are inviting MSF readers over for a freeroll contest where you pay zero to enter but can win real cash prizes. I just entered. If you think you can beat my team, you should too.

Click here to sign up and get your team: Friends Of FanDuel Freeroll

Here is my squad:

As you can see, I’m taking chances on guys like Kendall Hunter and Vincent Brown, who were explosive in Week 10 but who we don’t know if we can trust yet. (Personally I think Hunter gets more carries than Gore this week since San Fran has zero incentive to play Gore unless he’s 100% healthy).

Whenever I do games like this I always end up trying to balance my roster out, so I take good but not great players at most positions. This time I decided to say screw that philosophy. I clicked on Aaron Rodgers and Adrian Peterson first and second – the two most expensive players this week – both of whom I think have great matchups for explosive weeks. Then I looked for value with high upside at the rest of the positions, which I think I found.

My question to you is: what will your team look like? Go sign up and then leave your roster down in the comments. And then let’s see who finishes the best out of the all the MSFers who play this week.

And did I mention that if you finish in the top 6 you get money? Real money. 1st place gets a cool $75. Not too shabby…when it’s free to enter!

So go sign up: Friends Of FanDuel Freeroll

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