Fantasy Football Thanksgiving Week Stock Watch

Thanksgiving is a football fan’s dream: plenty of good food and plenty of good football.

Even though some fantasy owners don’t like their guys playing so early, it could actually work in your favor if you are down a pretty big margin after the Thursday games have ended and taking a big risk is necessary.

No byes again this week, so getting a lucky matchup with your opposition missing Aaron Rodgers and Matt Forte are over.

Please, enjoy your holiday and this week’s Stock Report.  (And find a replacement for Fred Jackson fast.)

Fantasy Football Thanksgiving Week Stocks Up

Michael Vick

If he plays, expect big numbers.  This should be a good game all around and both Brady and Vick seem to do well under the bright lights.  His running numbers may dip a little bit so he doesn’t risk taking a big hit to his ribs but the overall production should be good.

josh-freeman-fantasy-football-thanksgiving-week-stock-watchJosh Freeman

Like I tell my friends all the time.  “No risk, no reward.”  Sounds pretty simple but for this week’s matchup against the Titans, there is no other appropriate term.  There are three types of people in this world: pessimists, optimists and realists.  I like to keep it real at all times but if you are on the fence this week, optimism should reign supreme.

Chris Ogbonnaya

The matchup doesn’t scream anything extremely positive, but the Browns do force feed their running backs the ball week to week.  For an offense that lacks playmakers, for the last couple of weeks he has been the only model of concistency.

Ryan Grant

For a player who has yet to score 10 points this season it is hard to give him a good stock report, but the circumstances are stacked in his favor this week.  If you want a bold prediction, it would be that the Lions beat the undefeated Packers on Thanksgiving; but for fantasy purposes, Ryan Grant will come out on top.

Brandon Lloyd

This year has been up and down for Lloyd. He made the move to St. Louis from Denver, and his rapport with Sam Bradford has been getting noticeably better. If anyone has dropped him to the bench, it may be time to get Lloyd back to his deserved starting spot.

Denarrius Moore

Not many Raiders are healthy, but they keep finding ways to win.  Moore is questionable, but outside of Michael Bush he looks like one of the team’s biggest playmakers.  The Bears defense is formidable, but sometimes they struggle against the pass.  If Carson Palmer can use his veteran savvy to navigate through the cover 2, Moore will have a nice game.

Owen Daniels

Time and time again it has been said that a backup quarterback’s best friend is a good running game and a pass catching tight end.  Daniels is going to have to step up this week to help Matt Leinart play well.  He has the ability to score points, so keep an eye on Daniels.

Houston Texans D/ST

For all the talk about how bad the Texans defense has been the past few years, this year they have been racking up the points on the fantasy boards.  Enter Blaine Gabbert; now put an end to any doubts you have had about this defense before.

Fantasy Football Thanksgiving Week Stocks Down

Ben Roethlisberger

The Kansas City defense got to Tom Brady early and often on Monday night.  When you think about it, the Steelers offensive line isn’t much better than that of New England’s, which could force Pittsburgh to run the ball.  Mike Wallace will still get his, but all around Big Ben probably will not be having a big day.

Andy Dalton

Seriously, I shouldn’t have even included Dalton on the Stock Report because you should already know a few obvious things.  No A.J. Green to go against the best passing defense in the NFL doesn’t scream start me.  So sit him.

Frank Gore

The Ravens, especially the defense, are tired of hearing about how good the 49ers are and how they are the only team who can stand up against the Packers in the NFC.  First thing that is going to happen is the elimination of the run game, so get Frank Gore to the bench.

Darren Sproles

The Giants do a decent job of taking away the opposing offense’s main threat.  New Orleans has the offense to hang with just about anyone, but this New York defense can and has shut down some of the best teams at times.  If they want to win, Darren Sproles will be blanketed on offense and on special teams.

Dwayne Bowe

Once a top 5 fantasy wide receiver, Bowe now finds himself in the mid 20’s.  Don’t be surprised if that number continues to fall with Tyler Palko as the man under center.  Then again who knows, the AFC west is unpredictable and Palko could turn into Tom Brady (or Kyle Orton!), which would push Bowe back up the charts. But for this week, the stock is down.

Steve Johnson

As Ryan Fitzpatrick has continued to fall off with each progressing week, it is obvious as to why his number one wide receiver has been struggling as well.  The Bills now sit at 5-5 and Johnson has a date on Revis Island.  He isn’t incapable of holding his own against the Jets, but the odds do not favor the matchup.

Jake Ballard

We all saw that drop he had on Sunday night, and while that shouldn’t make Eli Manning completely forget about his tight end, it sure did diminish his targets.  Owners can get “gassed up” from time to time when an unknown player has a big night, as Ballard did against the Patriots, but you should stay down to earth with your projections for the Giants tight end.

Denver D/ST

Who cares that Phillip Rivers has been handing out turnovers like candy this year?  If he can throw for 300+ yards, that number won’t mean much.  There is a reason the Chargers have a top 10 offense, and even though the – nice phrase here –  “mess ups” happen, this team can score.


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