“We will see you tomorrow night”

I don’t know what to say about the baseball game I just watched, other than it was sublime. From a fundamental and aesthetic standpoint it was ugly as hell, but as a competition it was sublime. I know now other word to describe what I saw.

I’ll write more about the game tomorrow. I need to process it. Need my head to stop spinning.

So I’ll leave you this evening with two videos. One is from 1991, the other is from tonight.

The first features Jack Buck’s famous “And we’ll see you tomorrow night!” call on Kirby Puckett’s home run. The second features his son saying the same words on David Freese’s home run tonight.

I’ve said a lot of disparaging things about Joe Buck. Not tonight. That was awesome, and frankly it was the absolute perfect way for a game like this to end.

Update: As you’ll see below, they removed the original video I had of Joe Buck’s call from last night. Here is another video someone put together that features both calls:

Jack Buck, 1991 World Series, Game 6

Joe Buck, 2011 World Series, Game 6

Click to view on MLB.com. (Original video was removed…sorry.)
As Jimmy Traina said on Twitter: “If you don’t think that’s cool, you have no soul.” (Hat tip to Jimmy for the links to the videos.)

What an awesome, awesome moment.

I don’t often find myself on the save wavelength as Buck in big sporting events. I rarely find his tone or excitement level matching my own. But there was no better way for such a unique, memorable, historical game to end than Buck paying the ultimate homage to his father calling a sport shared by so many fathers and sons.


Indeed, we will see you tomorrow night baseball.

But thanks for tonight. What a night. Awesome. Sublime.

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