Video: Va. Tech fans go nucking futs for “Enter Sandman”

There’s been a whole lot of bad to talk about in the context of college football lately, and all of the negative talk and tone has been justified. But there is a reason why college sports remain so popular, and why so much money is at stake in big time college athletics. That reason?


And more specifically, youthfully exuberant passion, like the kind that was on display in Blacksburg, Virginia over the weekend.

If you’ve ever been to a big time college sporting event in a packed house, watching this video will give you chills and take you down memory lane.

Video hat tip: Today’s Hot Clicks
I mean, just look at Miami coach Al Golden. For a split second there, he looks legitimately frightened:

And I bet for many in our target audience here at MSF, it will immediately remind them of this, and rightfully so:

I don’t know if the Virginia Tech fans do their “Enter Sandman” ruckus every week, but the Wisconsin fans definitely “jump around” every game, and it’s one of the best and most intimidating traditions in the Big 10, probably America.

As a proud Hoosier, I have no such football traditions I can point to, but all I’ll say is damn I miss Assembly Hall, and leave you with the single greatest college basketball timeout that there is and ever will be.

Criticize college sports all you want – and there are plenty of reasons to criticize – but there is also a magic and an electricity at a college sporting event that you just can’t get anywhere else.

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