Fantasy Football Week 8 Stock Report: Battle, Braylon UP; Murray, DJax DOWN

Did you know that every team that is on a bye this week has a winning record?  I’m not sure if that has ever happened before but I’ll send John Clayton an email and see what he says. One of those teams on the bye, the Bears, has a running back that has two labels thrown at him. Is Matt Forte underrated or undervalued?  He may be both. The Bears front office better figure it out soon.

Now for this week we have some interesting picks for you, but a lot of them are on the down side of the stock.  I had one person ask me how I could have DeMarco Murray down this week after his big game last week; easy.  Just look at Adrian Peterson’s stats after he set the NFL record for yards in a game.  Stay here: he scored 5 points.

We have a special treat for you in this installment of the stock report: kickers, tricks and more.

Fantasy Football Week 8 Stock Report: Stock Up

Ben Roethlisberger

Everyone knows how polarizing the Patriots offense and defense are, which fall into the lap of Big Ben this week.  This game seriously has potential for each team to get into the 30s and here is why: yes the Steelers defense is very good, but not against Tom Brady who is 6-1 against them with a 104 rating for his career…so a shootout looks probable.

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Are fantasy owners starting to shy away from the early season success story that is thee Ryan Fitzpatrick?  We are talking about the resurgence of the Jim Kelly-run no-huddle offense that had the Bills in four consecutive Super Bowls, in which Ryan Fitzpatrick will be directing!  All jokes aside, this is the time to see what the Bills are really made of, and if they are to play at a high level then Fitz will as well.

Ryan Torain

It looks like some fantasy owners are glad that their recent acquisition of Torain a few weeks ago is finally going to pay off with Tim Hightower going down for the season.  The Santana Moss injury puts more pressure on the RB, but also should get his more carries as John Beck is still the starter.  John Beck.

jackie-battle-fantasy-football-week-8-stock-report-jackie-battleJackie Battle

If anyone is in need of starting back, you had better at least get Battle on your roster while he is still available.  At this point in the season the Chiefs are at a crossroads.  After coming back to a respectable 3-3 record, the boys in KC are a game away from claiming the division lead.  Either way, Battle clearly gives them the best option at running back with Jamaal Charles out, though they still give everyone the ball.  They’ll take note of Battle’s 5.2 YPC average sooner or later.

Greg Little

5 catches for 31 yards and 3 points doesn’t exactly scream hope for a rookie in a dysfunctional offense that just lost two other starters not named Peyton Hillis.  And to tack onto the problems, the Browns are at San Francisco too.  Who cares!?  Little has the ability to hold his own in this league, and with two of those starters out being pass catchers, he’s going to be counted on heavily.

Braylon Edwards

Oh what do you know, Braylon Edwards facing his old team again, only this time with a new one.  This wild prediction hinges upon the fact that he actually plays this week against the Browns.  He has too much talent for this matchup to not inspire him to get back at a few old teammates during a home game in “his” house.  This league is so coincidental that I could see him having a big day just because…and I don’t know why.

Fred Davis

In the small pond that is the Washington Redskins offense, Fred Davis is the big fish by default.  If you ask why, just think of it this way; the offense went from a modest crew of Grossman, Moss, Hightower and Cooley to Beck, Gaffney, Torain and Davis.  We hope that Davis’ skills will help back that claim up.

Rob Bironas

Kicker Alert!  Kickers don’t get the love they should. Even though their success is often dependent on the offense they are on, that doesn’t mean they should be forgotten about.  Now, because this is a team game let’s look at who the Titans have on their schedule this week.  Oh yes the Colts, and everyone blows out the Colts right?

Fantasy Football Week 8 Stock Report: Stock Down

Cam Newton

The Panthers’ run defense is terrible to say it nicely, and going up against Adrian Peterson right now isn’t exactly a favorable matchup.  What does this mean for Killa Cam?  Minnesota wanting to play ball control in a winnable game leading to less possessions for Carolina and ultimately less points for the rookie.  Who knows, he could go off for 30+ this weekend, but he can’t be this good all the time can he?

demarco-murray-fantasy-football-week-8-stock-reportDeMarco Murray

Just like the Dow Jones, this stock report will have guys up and down from week to week just because you need to know.  Murray will return to earth this week, as it’s hard to see the Eagles giving up such huge numbers to the rookie who put huge numbers against the lowly Rams.  Critics are looking for something big from teammate Tony Romo, so chances are Murray is going to take a backseat to his quarterback this time around.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis

Toe injuries are one of the worst for running backs because they are going to feel that sharp pain on every step.  If there is one thing that the Steelers are going to be able to take away from the Patriots offense it is the running game, and Green-Ellis won’t be 100% anyways.

Larry Fitzgerald

It is kind of sad how a stand up guy such as Fitzgerald could garner all of the hype any other great receiver in the NFL receives, but when his team is 1-5, all of that goes out of the door.  Sure the scouting report on Larry is that he has the best hands in the league, but going against the Ravens after a loss is a tough task, so temper expectations.

DeSean Jackson

Foolish as it is to say that Jackson’s stock is down, because of the simple fact that there is a chance he could score at anytime whether it is on offense or special teams, the two catch games become very frustrating and can boil the blood of even the coolest fantasy owner.  While he does perform at crunch time and loves the spotlight (night game versus Dallas) it would be nice to see a little bit of consistency going forward.

Heath Miller

Naturally, people have gravitated towards Miller due to his recent production over the last few games, but when he doesn’t score can you live with a 4 point game out of him?

Jacksonville D/ST

A fluke is what we would like to call Monday night’s effort against the Baltimore Ravens, holding them to only 7 points.  The game couldn’t have been set up any better for the Jags at home on MNF and these types of outcomes just happen from time to time, but if you are looking for a repeat performance, with a chance that Houston will get Andre Johnson back, you have to be kidding yourself.

Nick Novak

If we are going to give you the stock report for kickers poised to do well this week, then we have to let you know whose stock is down as well.  Regardless if the Chargers are playing on the road at Kansas City, Phillip Rivers should be poised to have a break out game after his sluggish start to the season.  At least he better have a break out game for a few of our sakes, and if he does, that would mean more touchdowns and less field goals for Novak.

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