Fantasy Football Week 8 Last Minute Tips on Vick, Gore, Welker, Hasselbeck, Torain, and Jenkins

Week 8 of fantasy football has arrived, and the playoffs are seemingly right around the corner. While it is important to get your rosters set now for the long run, you also needs wins, especially during these bye-riddled weeks, to make sure you get a shot at the second season.

Here are some last minute tips on some players who could disappoint this week, as well as some others who are set up for success to help your fantasy team in Week 8.

Fantasy Football Week 8: Stars Who Could Disappoint

Michael Vick

Vick and the Eagles are looking to turn their season around against Dallas on Sunday Night Football. The Eagles are coming off of a win against Washington in which Vick only had one touchdown along with an interception.

Interceptions are something that are a sure thing for Vick each week, as he has thrown at least one in his last five games, which includes four against Buffalo in Week 5. Vick will certainly throw at least one against Dallas, if not more.

The Eagles are going to have to try and establish the run game with LeSean McCoy, so don’t look for Vick to put up any impressive numbers.

fantasy-football-week-8-frank-goreFrank Gore

This is going out on a limb, but I do not believe Gore will continue at his current pace today against the Browns. He has rushed for at least 125 yards in his last three games, but in the previous three his high was 59 yards.

The Browns defense is one of the top ranked in the league, along with the other three teams in the AFC North, and have only allowed two players to rush for 100 yards on them this year. (Cedric Benson and Chris Johnson were the two, but Johnson barely made the mark with 101 yards).

Gore should be able to reach close to 100 yards, but his projection as the top running back on may be too high this week.

Wes Welker

Welker and the Patriots are going up against Pittsburgh, who has the second-ranked pass defense in the NFL with just under 172 pass yards per game. Before the bye week last week, Welker had a mediocre game against Dallas in which he only had 6 catches for 45 yards.

This week, the Steelers secondary will keep a close eye on Welker, and he will likely see several defenders in his area. He should still get some receptions, but don’t look for a 100 yard, multi-touchdown game.

Fantasy Football Week 8: Under-the-Radar Players to Consider

Matt Hasselbeck

The Titans are coming off of an embarrassing 41-7 loss against Houston. Hasselbeck only threw for 104 yards, and Jake Locker even saw some playing time at the end of the game.

Things will be different this week for the Titans, as they go up against the Colts. The Colts are becoming the joke of the NFL without Peyton Manning, especially after their 62-7 loss last Sunday night. Hasselbeck and Chris Johnson will both have big games, as any player going up against the Colts is a safe bet.

Ryan Torain

Torain and the Redskins are going up against the terrible Buffalo defense, who have the 30th ranked rush defense in the NFL. The offense continues to bail out the defense, but that does not matter in fantasy football.

Torain is the main running back in Washington, now that Tim Hightower is out for the year with a torn ACL. Going up against the Bills, Torain should be able to have at least 100 yards, considering the fact that John Beck struggled to connect on any big passes last week against Carolina.

Michael Jenkins

Jenkins had his best game of the season last week, with 117 yards and a touchdown against Green Bay. Now that Christian Ponder is the starter in Minnesota, things are looking better for Jenkins. Even with only three receptions, Jenkins had more receiving yards last game than he had in any other game all year.

The Vikings are going up against the Panthers today, who are average in terms of passing defense. Jenkins will be targeted by Ponder all game, and should catch at least one touchdown.

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