Fantasy Football Week 6 Stock Report: Daniel Thomas, Darrius-Heyward Bay UP; Matt Schaub, Reggie Wayne DOWN

Luckily for a lot of owners, there are not many major players who have a bye this week, except for my team…but I have faith in Jay Cutler!

Regardless, there may be some surprises this week from a few highly unknown RBs.  This position may very well be the most important for owners in terms of touches for players, but on the professional level it is the most dispensable position, as almost anyone can succeed in the right situation.

If you are itching to see how Tim Tebow is going to follow up his breakthrough game in Week 5, then you are going to have to wait until next week, but if you want to hear a bunch of media chatter about him just turn on ESPN.

Having said that, we have a lot of good stuff for you in this week’s Stock Report.

Fantasy Football Week 6: Stocks Up

Sam Bradford

There is no doubt that he is talented with a bright future, but Bradford is going through a small sophomore slump.  While that may be, going up against the Packers could be good for his fantasy numbers.  Yes, Green Bay does cause turnovers, but Sam isn’t an interception machine and the secondary does give up its share of big plays.

fantasy-football-week-6-stock-report-daniel-thomasDaniel Thomas

Probable for the matchup against New York on Monday night, Daniel Thomas has been steadily taking away from Reggie Bush’s action as the weeks go by.  The Jets defense hasn’t lived up to the hype that it was getting this preseason, and if Thomas is getting the touches you can be sure he will be getting the points.

Earnest Graham

With LeGarrette Blount sitting out this game at home against New Orleans, Graham is a more than capable back to replace him.  Simply put, this Tampa Bay offense is still looking for an identity and have close to no weapons with any playmaking ability.  Look for the Bucs to get back to the basics and run the ball this week.

Delone Carter

I am proud to say that this is not a homer pick.  Yes Delone and I played together in high school, but that isn’t why his stock is up this week.  The Colts just see something in him that could benefit fantasy owners a lot.  When the ball gets anywhere near the goal-line, you can bet the house that Carter is getting the ball.  Add in the fact that Addai looks like he is going to sit out, and the rookie may start and have a big day against a Bengals defense that won’t have Rey Maualuga.

Victor Cruz

Does it need to be said that Eli Manning can put up numbers?  He may be turnover prone, but he does get his guys the ball.  Also, the GGGGGGG-Men are going up against a Bills team that loves to get in shootouts and get continuously burned by third receiving options (think Jason Avant, but without all of the turnovers hopefully).

Darrius Heyward-Bey

Usually, one wouldn’t be caught dead trying to make a case for a sprinter with no hands for fantasy football, but that is about to happen right now.  Al Davis was the only person who really believed in Heyward-Bey, and with his passing the Raiders wide-out could continue to make the statement he’s been making the past few weeks.  Did I mention that Browns CB Joe Haden is listed as questionable too?

Cleveland Browns TEs

While the Browns have a few receivers on the squad, it is the tight ends who have been the most productive thus far.  Both Evan Moore and Benjamin Watson are more than capable of making plays for your squad.  Some people feel as if two tight ends would take away from each other, but not when those two are the best pass catchers on the team.

Buffalo D/ST

Although it was noted that a player earlier in the article could have a big day against the Bills’ defense, that doesn’t mean they can’t do what they do best.  Interceptions, well turnovers in general, is what they are best at on defense.  Hey, they picked off Brady and Vick a total of 8 times this year and the turnover machine Eli Manning is next on the schedule.

Fantasy Football Week 6: Stocks Down

Matt Schaub

Sometimes it is hard to rate how Schaub is go play becuae one day you will get a 25 point outing from him and then the very next week that number is cut to 9.  It is safe to say that if the over/under for him this week is 13, the Ravens defense is likely to play where he hits the under.

Michael Vick

DISCLAIMER!  His stock really isn’t down, but for a player of Vick’s caliber, yes it is down this week for a few reasons.  The record setting game last year in primetime has not been forgotten in D.C. and the Redskins will be doing everything they can to stop him.  Besides, the Skins have only allowed 3 touchdown passes this year.  Again, stock isn’t down, just treading water.

Redskins RBs

The circus that the backfield is in in the nation’s capital is just that, a show with many quirks.  Not even Mike Shanahan knows who he wants to be the feature back, and if Tim Hightower does in fact play, then he and Torain will surely take away from each other on Sunday.

benjarvus-green-ellis-fantasy-football-week-6-stock-reportBenJarvus Green-Ellis

The man who has four names in his name alone will be limited to that many toes on his foot if he is to play this week.  Even if he does play, the strength of the Cowboys defense has been the ability to stop the run and control the line of scrimmage, as good as any other team in the league.

Brandon Marshall

To receive fantasy points, one must acquire stats.  To get these stats, this person must be in the game and on the field, correct?  I’m not sure if fantasy owners are taking Brandon Marshall seriously, but getting ejected from the game before halftime is not going to help his numbers at all.  Now ask yourself: is this a risk that you really want to take?

Jason Avant

His popularity has gone up some, but 11 points isn’t much to get excited about; and ask yourself this: would I throw him the ball during crunch time seeing what happened in Buffalo last week?

Reggie Wayne

It is no secret that Curtis Painter has a new favorite target in Pierre Garcon, so naturally Wayne’s numbers will be down.  Take this into account as well: Leon hall doesn’t necessarily guard the speedy receivers, so instead of taking Garcon out of the game, it looks like Hall will be trying to shut down Reggie.

Aaron Hernandez

Now when you drop a sure touchdown pass, does Tom Brady forgive and forget or does he hold that against you and throw to his many other weapons?  Apparently it is circumstantial but Hernandez is still listed as questionable and won’t be 100% for the game so play accordingly.

49ers D/ST

The week could go either way for this defense.  On the year they have caused 14 turnovers and have notched an interception every game.  Three out of the five they have played were multi-interception games.  Now for the bad news: playing on the road is no easy test and especially against the flaming hot Detroit Lions.  If Megatron gets hot, it could be a long day.

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