Enjoy the superb spoof trailer for “Too Much Moneyball”

The video below was just tweeted out by Yankees fan Jimmy Traina with the quote “If you hate the Yankees, this video is your porn.” While that is true, not only Yankees haters will enjoy this video.

Anyone who appreciates clever satire and a well done, succinct spoof will also enjoy it.

So watch, and enjoy.


My favorite line:

“What is happening in New York? Spending all that money is miraculously working out for them.”


Of course, as we know, spending ungodly sums of money every year does not guarantee a ring. But what it does guarantee is that you can compete for a playoff spot every year because you can just spend your way past your mistakes. But hey, at least the Yankees give us all someone to cheer against.

I guess now we just sit and wait for the trailer for Crummyball, story of the 2011 Boston Red Sox. Should be a good one.

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