Go ahead…shoot a 3…I dare you.

I have no idea where this picture comes from, or whose toilet/bathroom setup this is…but I must have it.

Although…I’d have to fight my natural propensity to hover outside the 3-point line. While the challenge is riveting, the clean up would be messy, inevitable, and get old after a while.

awesome-basketball-toiletImage source: Imgur via Reddit

And before you go criticizing me for littering MSF with toilet humor, just remember that toilets have been featured prominently on this here sporty blog before. We awarded this setup the title of “The World’s Most Comfortable Toilet” and once regaled you with this debaucherous tale of an ex-NFL star snorting coke off a toilet seat in a bar.

So yeah, we like toilets.

And because there is no non-awkward way to transition from that last statement (I know, I’ve been sitting here for five minutes trying) here is an animated GIF of The Dude dancing, apropos of absolutely nothing. Not a damn thing awkward about that!

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