The 10 Funniest Examples of Sports Figures Dancing

Last weekend, Oklahoma State stormed back from a big halftime deficit to defeat Texas A&M. While this was an epic win for a school that usually seems to lose its biggest Big 12 games, the result on the scoreboard was actually far less memorable than what occurred shortly thereafter in the locker room.

Cowboys coach Mike Gundy, who is famously both a man and at least 40 years of age, decided to get jiggy with it for a few brief but spectacular moments during the team’s jubilant celebration. Luckily, the Gundy Dance was caught on camera so it can live on the Internet for eternity.

But is it the funniest example ever of a sports figure dancing? You’ve already seen the 10 best dancing GIFs ever here at MSF. Now let’s find out which of the 10 funniest examples of sports figures dancing is the funniest. (Make sure to cast your vote in the poll at the end of the post.)

First, if you haven’t seen the Gundy Dance, enjoy it in all its glory here:

Mike Gundy Gets Low

Pretty amazing right? I think even Flo Rida would be proud of Gundy’s ability to get low, even if the coach wisely decided to forgo apple bottom jeans and boots with the fur.

I mean look at that!


Gundy got low, low, low, low, low, low…

But could the dance moves that have gotten people saying “Teach Me How To Gundy” really be the funniest of all-time?

Consider the following video in which Wisconsin basketball coach Bo Ryan “cranks dat” to the tune of the immortal Soulja Boy.

Bo Ryan “Cranks Dat”

Or, rewatch one of the most infamous examples of a rhythmless athletes busting a movie, which you’ve surely seen many times before: Mark Madsen breaking it down during a Lakers title celebration.

Mark Madsen Busts a Move

In fact, SportsCenter once devoted a whole segment to sports figures dancing who had absolutely no business doing so. In this quick, minute-long compilation, you will see each of the following cutting unfortunate rugs:

  • Mark Madsen…again (because why not?)
  • Art Modell (Cleveland’s beloved…dancing on the Browns’ grave)
  • Tom Brady (more from him in a bit)
  • Robert Kraft
  • Al McGuire – whose dancing is so must-see funny that it legitimately cracks Dan Patrick up

Mark Madsen, Art Modell, Tom Brady, Robert Kraft, and Al McGuire

The big problem with this video, of course, is Dan Patrick saying over and over again “White men should not dance!” And why the hell shouldn’t we Patrick? What former MSNBC anchor got fired and left you in charge? Sheesh.

As we all know, white people have just as much soul and rhythm as black folks. Well, at least some black folks. See what I mean:

Barack Obama on Ellen

Ah who am I kidding. Patrick’s right. The brothers usually have more rhythm, even the ones who don’t really have much at all.

To prove this unfortunate point, contrast Obama’s standing-still hip shake to that of one of the most successful white athletes in the world. There really is no contest.

Tom Brady Esta Bailando en Brazil

No matter how many Super Bowl rings Brady wins or how many passing records he sets, he will never live that moment down. (Not that he cares, of course.)

But to get back to Patrick’s “White men shouldn’t dance” philosophy, there are exceptions!

Let me ask you this Dan: would you say that one Richard “Digger” Phelps shouldn’t dance? Because I think, based on the video evidence below, that Digger absolutely should dance. Always. In fact, he should literally never stop dancing. Watch to agree:

Digger Phelps on Ecstasy

For more Digger fun, click here and then just start watching every video. You won’t get bored.

The great thing about Digger is that he can actually dance. He’s got some rhythm, some moves. At the very least, he gets into it without even a trace of self-consciousness. Sure, it’s still funny, but you respect him once the dancing is done. (Unfortunately, he then has to discuss basketball, which is when you respect him the least…but I digress.)

The dance floor prowess of Digger Phelps makes him the complete opposite of his ESPN colleague Lou Holtz. I’m sure you’ve seen the commercial of Holtz dancing a jig of excitement after receiving a groupon in this bizarre commercial for ESPN’s college football show:

Lou Holtz’s Bizarre Seated Jig

I almost didn’t include this one because…well…because it’s just weird. But some people might find it funny, so it needed to be included.

As an antidote for that awful commercial, let’s go to one of the greatest sports videos…ever. As cheesy as it may be, the Super Bowl Shuffle video featuring the ’85 Bears is simply sublime. It’s not their fault that literally everything produced during that decade was cheesy as hell.

But there is no escaping the goofiness of #53 Dan Rains right here as this video starts. It’s downright Bradyesque, as are many other moments in this video if you watch the whole thing.

Dan Rains’ Constipated Two-Step

The question now is which of these videos of sports figures dancing is the all-time funniest? To come to that conclusion, Little Red Dancing Zach and I will solicit your input:

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sports figures dancing

[Note: you can’t vote for Obama since he was simply used to maximize the humiliation for Tom Brady and isn’t really a sports figure; and the multiple appearances by Brady and Mark Madsen in this post count as just one.]

So…what hilarious examples of sports figures dancing did I leave out? Surely I left out plenty. Post links in the comment section below!

Update: I definitely forgot one great one. Wade Phillips doing the YMCA! Thanks to @StephStradley for reminding me of this one.

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