MLB Trivia Challenge Standings Update Sponsored by the M&A Consultants and Advisors at Generational Equity

Ari and I just got done recording Episode 9 of the MLB Trivia Challenge Podcast (sponsored, as always, by the M&A consultants and advisors at Generational Equity), and it is definitely one of the best episodes yet. There are two reasons why I say this:

  1. Jonah Keri is the guest, and not only is his vast repository of baseball knowledge on full display during the trivia part of the episode, but the conversation after is perhaps the most engaging 20 minutes we’ve had on any episode yet.
  2. There is at least one question in this week’s sextet prepared by Ari that could give Dan Greenham some trouble.

And if you’re wondering why I’m worried about giving Dan Greenham trouble, look no further than the latest standings update. After another perfect score, Greenham remains on top with 49 points.

Other notables:

  • Jeff Wallack and John Krampf – 48 points
  • Andrew Schwartz, Kevin Luljak, Tony Nelson – 47 points
  • Kevin Luljak – 41 points
  • Pedro Diaz – 45 points

Click here to view the complete scoresheet.

Episode 9 will be posted Thursday. Stay tuned…


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