Is this the greatest beer pong shot ever?

The folks at Kontraband Muzik, specifically front man and unabashed Badger backer Nate Davis (the rapper, not the quarterback), are claiming that the video below features the greatest beer pong shot ever.

It’s up for debate, but it most definitely is a pretty badass shot.

Watch and decide, then vote in the poll below the video.

[Note: video slightly NSFW for a naughty word blurted out towards the end.]

So what do you think?

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As for my thoughts…

From a trick shot perspective, that’s a great effort. But as someone who played beer pong to satisfy his competition jones in college, I’m all about what’s at stake, so I tend not to be overly impressed by shots that come outside of a heated battle.

Still, I’m not sure I could make a shot like that in 100 tries, so well done Nate.


But I’d be happy to kick your ass in a mano-a-mano pong battle any day of the week.

Up for the challenge?

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