Fantasy football dilemma: should this outrageous (but hilarious) trade be allowed to stand?

While browsing Reddit, I came across the following screenshot with the title “Damn, someone got screwed big time.

Now, upon first glance you might think that Adrian Peterson for Steven Jackson is a pretty fair deal. You might even think the guy getting Peterson is the big winner because AD typically scores more touchdowns.

But look closer. See the “SEA” next to Peterson’s name? That’s right folks: someone finagled Steven Jackson for the other Adrian Peterson. This one. The one who carried the ball zero times last year.

Obviously this is about as lopsided as fantasy trades get. So my question to all you fantasy football commissioners and players out there is this:

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Personally, I say hell yes this trade should stand.

I commented on the Reddit post where I originally found this. Here is what I said:

If someone is dumb enough to accept a trade like this, let it stand. If you have the balls and gamesmanship skills to sluff off the crappy Adrian Peterson for a stud RB, you deserve it. You risk your reputation doing it, and may never be asked back into the league, but them’s the breaks. This is the kind of thing that makes fantasy football fun and is the kind of story friends rib eachother about decades later. LET IT STAND!

Besides, if it was a case of mistaken identity on the part of both parties, and they want to reverse it, they can always swap the players back. But frankly, I like as little commissioner intervention as possible in fantasy leagues. We’re big boys and girls. It’s fantasy sports. The consequences and stakes are looooow. Why protect the idiots at the expense of the savvy, cunning, Machiavellian players who are able to find advantages in the most unexpected of ways? That’s why we play fantasy sports.

Anyway, looking forward to hearing what the masses think. Personally, I tip my cap to the guy getting Steven Jackson. Well done sir. Orson Welles and I applaud you.


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