Angry Bill Parcells is furious with Mike Pereira

There are few things in my sporting life that I enjoy more than pictures of angry coaches. I don’t know why, perhaps because my dad was a coach and I grew up around football coaches (not to mention going to IU basketball games when Coach Knight was still at the height of his powers), but images of coaches raging have always made me chuckle. (Like these, for example.)

So I’ve decided to start a new fun and easy post series here on MSF: Angry Coaches. And, quite simply, it will just be pictures of angry coaches, posted whenever I (or any of our other writers) run across one I like.

And who better to kick things off than The Cantankerous One himself, Bill Parcells. He celebrates his 70th birthday today, which led @SI_Vault to tweet out this picture of an angry Parcells yelling at Mike Pereira:

angry-bill-parcellsImage source:

Is it just me, or does Parcells somewhat resemble a goblin shark here?

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