Video: Simply one of the greatest sports news bloopers…ever

I won’t waste much time setting this up, because I don’t want to kill the punchline; you simply have to watch it.

More info after the video.

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Michael Wolff, the guy was introduced as “Ben Walker of the Associated Press”, has been making the rounds talking about the Rupert Murdoch scandal, not about Roger Clemens and his performance-enhanced frosted tips. Apparently he isn’t versatile enough talking about lying jackwagons to opine on Clemens; he can only discuss Murdoch. Makes sense.

I’ll give him props though for his hilariously understated handling of the mixup, which definitely has to go down as one of the funnier bloopers during a sports report that I’ve ever seen.

Image source: Mediaite

Hey, I’m glad something good came out of the waste that was the Roger Clemens trial.

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