Generational Equity Sponsored MLB Trivia Challenge Update: Quiz 6 Chili’s Gift Certificate Winner and Overall Standings

Last week, Will Leitch joined Ari and I on the latest episode of the MLB Trivia Challenge Podcast (all episodes here), which is sponsored by Generational Equity. Will and I did a decent job of answering the questions, but not nearly as good a job as you the listeners did.

A whopping 13 people got perfect scores on Quiz 6. Wow. I know Ari is not going to take too kindly to that, which means that episode 7 guest Gregg Doyel and I are going to have our work cut out for us.

In this quick update post, I’ll announce the winner of the Chili’s gift certificate for Quiz 6 and show you the updated overall standings.

mlb-trivia-challengeWith 13 people recording perfect scores (including, yes, Dan Greenham…again!) we had to throw all of the names into a hat to choose the Chili’s winner. I was personally pleased to see that Geoffrey Hollander was the winner, as he has been a loyal listener and quiz-taker since the challenge began; he and a few others are also nipping at the still-perfect heels of Greenham.

So congrats to Geoffrey. His gift certificate to Chili’s will be in the mail shortly.

Remember, you can talk any quiz at any time for it to count towards your season total; you just have to take it within the first week of it being posted to be eligible for the Chili’s gift certificate.

Here is the current top 8:

  • Dan Greenham: 36
  • Jeff Wallack: 35
  • Andrew Schwartz: 34
  • Kevin Luljack 34
  • Geoffrey Hollander: 33
  • Pedro Diaz 32
  • Gary Moore: 26
  • Brian Dilsheimer 23

To see the complete standings, click here to download the Excel file. Let me know if anything doesn’t seem right.

We’ll be back Thursday with Episode #7. It’ll be a good one.

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