Generational Equity Sponsored MLB Trivia Challenge Podcast Update: Quiz 7 Chili’s Gift Certificate Winner and Overall Standings

Those who participated in Quiz 7 of the Generational Equity sponsored MLB Trivia Challenge Podcast did quite well. There were 14 people who got perfect scores, with one of these individuals chosen at random as the latest recipient of the Chili’s gift certificate.

mlb-trivia-challengeThe Quiz 7 winner was Ohio State Buckeye fan John Krampf. Congratulations John! I’ll have the gift cert in the mail to you shortly.

Here are the current standings:

  • Dan Greenham – 43 points
  • Jeff Wallack – 42 points
  • Andrew Schwartz – 41 points
  • Kevin Luljak – 41 points
  • Pedro Diaz – 39 points
  • Geoffrey Hollander – 39 points

And then there are a host of people in the 20s and low 30s. Remember folks: you can submit answers to any quiz up until the end of the season. Only the bi-weekly Chili’s gift certificates are time sensitive.

Click here to view the updated standings.

Later today, Ari and I record podcast #8 with Scott Sargent from the great Cleveland sports blog Waiting For Next Year. It should be a fun one, especially since Ari is an Indians fan, and I hate the Indians as a White Sox fan, so we’ll see if I decide to be well-behaved or not…

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