Today’s Best: Alison Brie, Navy Seals & JSOC, the Death of Osama Bin Laden, and Video of Fans Chanting “U.S.A.!”

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In today’s edition, Alison Brie provides some eye candy, and everything else has to do with our great military and the completion of a 10-year mission: the death Osama Bin Laden.

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Today is a day for celebrating the U.S. Military, which of course completed a most important mission yesterday. There are plenty of links below relating to the death of Osama Bin Laden, and here is one that also honors the U.S. Military, courtesy of our very own Jon Washburn.

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The story of how our nation’s best took out Osama Bin Laden is fascinating.

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I have been hearing people talk about how great a show Community is, so I got the Season 1 DVD and have been attempting to catch up. It lives up to the hype.

In honor of my new Community jones, Alison Brie is today’s best beauty. She is outstanding on the show, and I am sure you’ll agree that she is outstanding in photographs as well.

alison-brieImage source: The Sports Brewery

If you’d like more Alison Brie photos, click here. If you’d like to enjoy a quick Alison Brie animated GIF, here you go:

alison brie gif



To be perfectly honest, I’m not all that interested in sports today, and there aren’t any particularly great stories to link you too. Go here for an assortment of sports links if you want ’em. Otherwise, it’s a day for celebrating the death of a mass murderer and for honoring the brave men and women who fight for our safety and justice.


Bin Laden’s body buried at sea so as not to create an actual burial spot that would surely end up being a shrine to extremist assholes everywhere.

Get to know JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command), because it’s because of them that we can pull off operations like the Bin Laden murder.

Specifically, it was the Navy Seals in conjunction with JSOC that carried out the operation.

Let’s hope that this is just a bunch of B.S., but it’s worth mentioning: Khalid Sheikh Muhammad promised a “nuclear hellstorm” if Bin Laden was ever captured or killed.

Check out this guy’s Twitter account. He basically live tweeted the attack on Bin Laden’s compound, but had no idea what he was describing.

Interesting: six wind farms in Scotlond were paid six figures to to turn off their turbines because the Scottish grid network could not handle the energy being produced.

Pics & GIFs

Plain and simple:


President Obama announces the death of Osama Bin Laden…like a boss.

president obama announces bin ladens death


Did you know…that if you’re a piece of shit, May 1st is a day you should fear? It’s true. Both Adolph Hitler and Osama Bin Laden were announced dead on May 1st, 66 years apart.

Did you know…that yesterday’s announcement of Bin Laden’s death came on the 8th anniversary of the unfortunate and infamous “Misson: Accomplished” day?


As word spreads of Bin Laden’s death, fans chant “U.S.A.!” at the Phillies-Mets game. Hell yes!

Greatest. Poker. Face. Ever.

West Point cadets celebrate the death of Osama Bin Laden. Hard not to get chills listening to our servicemen and women singing the national anthem on a night like last night.


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