MLB Trivia Challenge Podcast sponsored by Generational Equity: Episode 3 with guest Kevin Kaduk of Big League Stew

Two weeks ago today we posted the second episode of the MLB Trivia Challenge sponsored by Generational Equity, which featured special guest Will Carroll of A number of people produced perfect scores on last week’s quiz (much to Ari’s dismay), with Andrew Schwartz ultimately being chosen as the winner of the $20 gift certificates to Chili’s. Congratulations Andrew!

Today, we present Episode 3 of the MLB Trivia Challenge. Ari has another series a fun and interesting questions prepared, and he vowed to make this week’s questions extra difficult to make up for the ease of last week’s.

Joining me on the podcast this week and brave enough to take the first stab at Ari’s vengeful Week 3 question list is Kevin Kaduk, who you all know from Yahoo’s superb Big League Stew baseball blog.

Kevin and I spend the first 15 minutes going through the trivia questions, which you can use to help you with this week’s quiz.

Then, make sure to stay tuned for the next 15 minutes because we delve into some interesting baseball discussion. Kevin puts the life and career of Harmon Killebrew into perspective, we discuss the current troubles with veterans in the Yankees clubhouse, and the White Sox and Cubs go under the Big League Stew microscope to see if there is hope for either in 2011 and beyond.

It’s a terrific episode, and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed recording it.

Use the player below to listen to Episode 3:

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REMEMBER: The grand prize of an iPad and a subscription to is given to the person who tallies the most points throughout the season. Even if you missed the first two quizzes, you can go back and take them now:

A few quick notes:

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Your Turn to Compete and Win Prizes

Now onto the fun stuff: your chance to match wits with the “experts” and win prizes.

As explained on the rules and information page, we will be rewarding one winner each time a new MLB Trivia Challenge Podcast and quiz are posted. This winner will be awarded as follows:

  • Each correct answer nets you one point. Most points wins.
  • In the event of a tie, we will choose from the top group at random.
  • The winner receives a $20 gift certificate to Chili’s*, which is perfect for a Chili’s Lunch Break.

  • Weekly winners can go bold with the new six-dollar lunch break combo at Chili’s. Choose a house made soup or salad and then pick a half Texas Toast sandwich like the Southwestern BLT smothered in cilantro lime mayo.
  • See all the great Lunch Break combos at
  • Note: You have ONE WEEK from today to submit yours answers and be eligible for the weekly prize. Next Thursday at 11:59 pm CT, entries are closed and we award a winner.

In addition to the weekly prizes, a grand prize winner will be chosen at the end of the season. Simply put, the grand prize winner will be the person who tallies up the most points throughout the season, regardless of when the quiz is taken.

A few final notes you need to know before we let you have at it with the first quiz:

  • LISTEN to the podcast; each week we will be including one bonus question taken directly from our discussion.
  • ONLY your first entry counts, for the weekly prize and grand prize.
  • MAKE SURE you use the same UserID throughout the season. This is how we will keep track of your scores.
  • PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to the instructions after each question. Due to the parameters of the quiz program we are using, and our inability to hand-grade thousands of quizzes each week, we must request that you very specific and particular in how you answer the questions. Thus, you MUST spell names correctly. Think of it this way: attention to detail is paramount in baseball, so shouldn’t it be part of the challenge? Absolutely.

And now, drumroll the please, we give you your chance to answer. Have fun!


Obviously we cannot post the answers because this is an ongoing trivia challenge.

Check back in two weeks when we’ll post the second MLB Trivia Challenge sponsored by Generational Equity. Remember: someone is winning an iPad and a subscription to when this is all said and done…it might as well be you.

* – Chili’s gift certificate good in U.S. only.

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