Well, we know who probably didn’t kill Bin Laden…

Whenever monumental news of global importance breaks, you can be sure that the Internet will be filled with commentary and opinion…and that not all of it will be serious and analytical.

Of everything I have seen today — the day after we learned that Osama Bin Laden was finally brought to justice for being one of the most malevolent and nefarious jackwagons of all time — nothing has made me laugh more than this little gem of a screen shot from The Office, courtesy of the wonderful little slice of the web world known Reddit.

michael-scott-bin-laden-tobyScreenshot source: Imgur

Here is the video:

Of course, as an astute commenter points out, if Toby was not there in Bin Laden’s Pakistan compound (a safe assumption, I’d say) then logic holds that Michael Scott might, in fact, have killed Bin Laden.

Now we know why he’s leaving the show. Clearly once he had this premonition, JSOC got a hold of him for national security purposes.

Obviously I kid.

The credit for Bin Laden’s ultimate demise goes to George Bush for having the resolve to go after him in the first place, President Obama for not letting up, and most importantly, our outstanding special force teams that finally made Bin Laden’s death a reality.

Hopefully I can drive a little traffic with this humorous post, but let’s not lose sight of the bigger picture here. We got Bin Laden, but it took us 9+ years, a tremendous amount of collateral damage, and no on really knows the extent or power with which his supporters will attempt to strike back. We’ll need our intelligence and military forces to be as vigilant and strong as ever now.

Here is a link to Military.com, where you will find myriad ways to support the troops. They always need our support, and with the positive momentum created by Bin Laden’s death this seems like as good a time as any to suggest it.

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