‘Whatcha talkin bout Bilas?’ T-Shirt a Final 4 Week Hit

One of the best parts about the passion of college sports fans is that it is often manifested with clever, funny memorabilia, often T-shirts.

This week, inspired by VCU’s surprising run to the Final 4, Richmond VA resident Spence Andrews created a T-shirt is absolutely brilliant in its sentiment and simplicity.

Which is why the “Whatcha talkin bout Bilas?” T-shirt has been a sensation sweeping the nation during Final Four Week.

whatcha-talkin-bout-bilas-t-shirt-vcuImage source: WashingtonPost.com

Of course, the T-Shirt is in reference to Bilas’ scathing comments on Selection Sunday about VCU’s inclusion in the tournament. There is still a valid argument about whether or not they should have been in the tournament based on their regular season resume, but they’ve certainly proven that they have belonged.

Dan Steinberg jogged down a few of the details of the shirt, including the response from Bilas, which make the story of the “Whatcha talkin bout Bilas?” shirt even more fun and compelling:

By the time the world finished retweeting that image, 25,000 people had viewed it. That was slightly more than the original run of 120 shirts. So Jeff made 100 more, but they’re still not really for sale or anything; they’ve just been giving them to friends. But they figured they needed to get one to Bilas himself, after he tweeted a link to the shirt while writing “Gotta have me one of these! Love this!! Couldn’t be laughing harder right now!!”

So Bowen — who goes to about a dozen VCU games a year — filled out a form on Bilas’s Web site, saying he knew the shirtmakers and they wanted to send Bilas one. Bilas quickly wrote back with his cell phone number. They arranged to send four shirts to Bilas’s home address, and Bilas has promised to take a photo of his entire family outfitted and then to send it back.

Awesome shirt, fun story. Well done Spence Andrews.

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