MLB Trivia Challenge Podcast sponsored by Generational Equity: Quiz 1 Winner and Chilis Gift Card Recipient Announced!

As you know, we launched the MLB Trivia Challenge Podcast sponsored by Generational Equity last week. The first podcast featured my friendly reunion with Ken Rosenthal, as well as five brain-teasing baseball trivia questions researched by our very own Ari Kaufman.

It has now been a full seven days since Quiz 1 went live, and after receiving a ridiculously high number of submissions considering this is our first time doing anything like this, I am excited to announce the first winner of the $20 Chili’s gift certificates that are perfect for a two-person lunch break: Jeff Wallack.

As soon as I get done posting this, I will contacting Jeff via email and making arrangements to send him his gift certificate.

There were actually five people in all who answered all of the questions correctly: Jeff, Dan Greenham, Art Fahrner, Kathryn, and MSF’s own Brian Dilsheimer (who is ineligible for prizes, but whose participating we appreciate!). Jeff was chosen at random from the eligible group of perfect scores on Quiz 1.

To those of you who did not win a prize this week, do not despair. Not only will there be another Chili’s gift card on the line next week, but everyone is in the running the the iPad and subscription that will be given to the season-long winner, determined based on cumulative scoring.

This means that if you did not complete Quiz 1 yet, go do so now! You won’t be eligible for the Chili’s certificate, but it will get your point total count started for the grand prize.

And to everyone: make sure that next week, and in all weeks after, that you use the same User ID each week. It’s how we will keep track of your cumulative scores.

Also, a quick word about some of the formatting difficulty.

As I mentioned in the first post, because of the online quiz program we are using, we have to require specific formatting of answers. To alleviate the confusion this caused for Quiz 1, we are going to change how we develop our questions to ensure that the vast majority have simple answers that you will just have to spell correctly. This should simplify things greatly.

I appreciate everyone’s patience while we worked things out for Quiz 1, and we decided to be very lenient in terms of what we’d allow to pass for a correct answer or not with respect to commas and misspellings and the like. In the future, we will have to take a bit harder line in requiring more acute attention to detail, but we’re balancing that by trying to make it easier. (Also, for the record, Quiz 1 winner Jeff nailed everything and formatted it correctly; so he was truly the winner!)

Finally, to also makes things easier on everyone, I bought the domain You can enter that into your web browser and it will take you directly to the category page for the trivia challenge podcast so you don’t have to hunt through MSF for the latest post. Just go right there.

We’ll be back next Thursday with podcast #2 and quiz #2. Our guest will be the great Will Carroll (aka The Injury Expert), formerly of Baseball Prospectus and currently writing for Should be fun. See you then!


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