MLB Trivia Challenge Podcast sponsored by Generational Equity: Episode 1 with guest Ken Rosenthal of FOX

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we unveil the first MLB Trivia Challenge Podcast sponsored by the M&A consultants and advisors at Generational Equity, and there are multitudes of reasons for the excitement.

First off, we love baseball here at MSF, and this podcast, which was inspired by Jayson Stark’s weekly appearances on ESPN Radio, is going to be a great biweekly feature on the site for all of the fellow baseball lovers out there.

Secondly, there are prizes! We are going to be able to reward one weekly winner with a $20 gift certificate to Chili’s each week, and at the end of the season we are going to be giving one grand prize winner an iPad and a subscription to for 2012.

And thirdly, specific to this week, one of the most well known and controversial moments in MSF history (a result of this article) will come full circle as Ken Rosenthal joins me and Ari on the first MLB Trivia Challenge Podcast.

This will be fun.

Before you listen to the podcast or jump to the quiz below, I implore you to read the MLB Trivia Challenge Rules and Information page. Only your first quiz submission is counted, so you want to make sure you know what’s going on.

Use the player below to listen to the MLB Trivia Challenge Podcast sponsored by Generational Equity.

In addition to tackling some deliciously difficult trivia questions from Ari, Ken and I look back at our appearance together on Outside the Lines, look forward at the future of sports media, discuss the topsy-turvy AL Central, and so much more. Enjoy.

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A few quick notes:

  • The MLB Trivia Challenge is available on iTunes. Listen and subscribe here.
  • Be sure to follow the MSF Trivia Challenge Podcast on Twitter: @MLBTriviaMSF. We’ll provide links to the latest episodes as well as periodic trivia questions that don’t make the final cut for the show. Why? It’s a long summer…you can never have enough MLB trivia.
  • If you like the intro and outro music, and I know you will, it was provided to us by the Twin Cats out of Indianapolis. We encourage you to like them on Facebook or check out their music here.


On behalf of everyone at MSF and our sponsor Generational Equity, I extend my sincere thanks to Ken Rosenthal for taking the time to join us. I encourage you to follow him on Twitter, where he is often found tweeting out juicy nuggets of baseball information.

Quick Reaction to Rosenthal Conversation

I promise we’ll get to the first quiz in a moment, but I do think at least a couple of final thoughts on the entire MSF-Raul Ibanez-Ken Rosenthal-Outside the Lines situation are in order.

jerod-morris-ken-rosenthal-ibanezA lot of people have seem surprised that Ken and I have “patched things up” and have a solid relationship now, but I’m not. Ultimately he was just responding to his interpretation of words written by someone he didn’t know, and he has apologized both privately and now publicly for going a bit overboard with his indignant tone. I appreciate that and, of course, accept.

I will say that, based on listening to the podcast while editing, I’m still not completely sure he realizes that I never actually accused Raul Ibanez of using steroids and that I did try to seek out alternative explanations. (I probably should have asked a follow-up question about this.) But I also understand his larger point that you have to tread very carefully when “naming names” in association with steroids and PEDs when all you have to go on are numbers, and he’s right.

Overall, I learned a lot that week, as I detailed in this post. In particular, I learned about the potential for massive amplification that even an unassuming post on a small site can have. I also learned that with that potential comes a lot of responsibility. While I certainly felt that Ken’s public rebuke of me and my work was unfair, the constructive and informed parts of his message did not go unheard nor unheeded, and it made me a better blogger and MSF a better (and certainly more well-known) site. For that, and for his graciousness in helping us kick off the trivia challenge, I thank Ken.

Your Turn to Compete and Win Prizes

Now onto the fun stuff: your chance to match wits with the “experts” (which certainly was not me or Ken, but rather Ari and his fun but challenging questions) and win prizes.

As explained on the rules and information page, we will be rewarding one winner each time a new MLB Trivia Challenge Podcast and quiz are posted. This winner will be awarded as follows:

  • Each correct answer nets you one point. Most points wins.
  • In the event of a tie, we will choose from the top group at random.
  • The winner receives a $20 gift certificate to Chili’s*, which is perfect for a Chili’s Lunch Break.

  • Weekly winners can go bold with the new six-dollar lunch break combo at Chili’s. Choose a house made soup or salad and then pick a half Texas Toast sandwich like the Southwestern BLT smothered in cilantro lime mayo.
  • See all the great Lunch Break combos at
  • Note: You have ONE WEEK from the day the podcast is posted to submit yours answers and be eligible for the weekly prize. The next Thursday at 11:59 pm CT, entries are closed and we award a winner.

In addition to the weekly prizes, a grand prize winner will be chosen at the end of the season. Simply put, the grand prize winner will be the person who tallies up the most points throughout the season, regardless of when the quiz is taken.

A few final notes you need to know before we let you have at it with the first quiz:

  • LISTEN to the podcast; each week we will be including one bonus question taken directly from our discussion.
  • ONLY your first entry counts, for the weekly prize and grand prize.
  • MAKE SURE you use the same UserID throughout the season. This is how we will keep track of your scores.
  • PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to the instructions after each question. Due to the parameters of the quiz program we are using, and our inability to hand-grade thousands of quizzes each week, we must request that you very specific and particular in how you answer the questions. Thus, you MUST spell names correctly, you MUST separate multiple response answers with commas, and oftentimes we request that you list responses in alphabetical order. Think of it this way: attention to detail is paramount in baseball, so shouldn’t it be part of the challenge? Absolutely.

And now, drumroll the please, we give you your chance to answer. There are only six questions this week whereas there will usually be 10 or 11. Have fun!


Obviously we cannot post the answers because this is an ongoing trivia challenge.

Check back in two weeks when we’ll post the second MLB Trivia Challenge sponsored by Generational Equity. Remember: someone is winning an iPad and a subscription to when this is all said and done…it might as well be you.

* – Chili’s gift certificate good in U.S. only.

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