I’m a man, I’m 29…and I’m now scarified of an 8-year old

True story: while typing out of the title of this post, I guess I got caught between typing “scared” and “terrified” and ended up typing “scarified”. I thought about editing it, but then realized that the subject of this post is so extreme that the creation of a new word did it justice.

And what is the subject you may be thinking? It’s a 3rd grader named Stevo Poulin who I’m quite certain could whip my ass on a wrestling mat. In fact, he could probably whip your ass on a wrestling mat too.

If you don’t believe me, watch:


Not that I need to tell you this, but little Stevo is the one with the mohawk and other crazy hairstyles that was tossing his opponents around the way kids his age usually are tossing around stuffed animals or Lincoln Logs. In March of 2010 he won the Brute National Championship for his age group.

stevo-poulin-wrestlingAccording to this interview with Stevo, conducted by Scott Casber of Takedown Radio, the 8-year old had a record of 256-26 as of March 1, 2011. I love this exchange after Casber mentions his record:

Casber: You have a record of 256-26. That’s pretty substantial.

Stevo: Yes. It is.

Hey, the kid tells it like it is. Gotta admire that.

Here is another interview with Stevo where he talks about how he got his start in wrestling and what some of his goals are. For anyone who got a little worried by watching the video above that he’s some kind of wrestling cyborg, you’ll be refreshed to know that he’s, well, just a kid…as he should be.

I also enjoyed this comment from a thread tat IndianaMat.com where young Stevo was the subject:

Is this like the wrestling version of Benjamin Button where he ages backwards but keeps the wrestling knowledge he has gained through life.

It sure appears that way, doesn’t it?

Anyway, this kid clearly has the natural intensity to be great on a wrestling mat or any field of athletic battle for that matter. Let’s hope that as he grows up his body can keep up with that intensity (no reason to think it shouldn’t) and that he doesn’t get burnt out (never know). It way, way, way too soon to tell what the future has in store for Stevo Poulin, but the early returns look good. Keep it up kid. Love the heart and hustle…even if I tend to prefer more traditional haircuts.

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