March Madness: President Barack Obama’s Bracket for 2011 NCAA Tournament Favors Men’s & Women’s Top Seeds

One of the newest March Madness traditions since Barack Obama has been president is the annual unveiling of the President’s NCAA Tournament bracket. President Obama’s love for both playing and watching basketball is well known, and he even has NCAA hoops ties – his brother-in-law Craig Robinson is the head coach of the Oregon State Beavers.

The President’s official bracket will be revealed on ESPN later today, but the Worldwide Leader has already released a short behind-the-scenes video with Andy Katz and Doris Burke chronicling their trip to the White House.



According to this article about President Obama’s bracket, Obama went with mostly top seeds, especially to reach the Final 4, where has has all of the top seeds advancing. Some people will likely criticize him for not going out on a limb, but the bracket I filled out based on a weighted average KenPom’s AdjO and AdjD rankings predicted the same thing.

Once the President’s bracket is revealed, I’ll get a screenshot and post it here.

Update: And here it is, with screenshot and video below of Andy Katz and the President discussing his picks.





In addition to predicting the men’s bracket, Obama went through the women’s bracket as well. He also chose the top seeds to advance to the Final 4 in the women’s bracket, but something tells me no one will criticize him for that – nor should they.

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