Elite 8 Preview: Kentucky v North Carolina Info, Analysis & Prediction

Update: The predictions are in below.


My heart is still racing from that incredible Kentucky-Ohio State game, and I didn’t even have a dog in the fight! That is what makes March Madness so incredible. Even when your team – for me it’s Indiana – doesn’t make the tournament, the games are still so dramatic that you are compelled to get into it as much as if your own team was playing.

It should not be too difficult to get college basketball fans excited about this matchup. Two of the bluest of the blue bloods (literally) will be facing off in Newark on Sunday. It’s Kentucky-North Carolina. What the hell else do I really have to say?

kentucky-north-carolina-preview-elite-8Elite 8: Kentucky-North Carolina Game Info

  • Kentucky-North Carolina Date: Sunday, March 27th
  • Kentucky-North Carolina Tip Time: 5:05 ET
  • Kentucky-North Carolina TV: CBS
  • Kentucky-North Carolina Announcers: Jim Nantz and Clark Kellogg
  • Kentucky-North Carolina Location: The Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey
  • Kentucky-North Carolina Point Spread: Kentucky -1
  • Kentucky-North Carolina Over-Under: 147

Kentucky-North Carolina Statistical Analysis

Here is a statistical breakdown of the two teams via the ESPN Bracket Predictor.


kentucky-north-carolina-elite-8-preview-prediction-point-spread-pick-tv-tip-time-announcers-unc kentucky-north-carolina-elite-8-preview-prediction-point-spread-pick-tv-tip-time-announcers-unc

Kentucky-North Carolina Prediction

One our college basketball-obsessed writers will have a more complete analysis and prediction for this game later today or tomorrow morning (at the latest). Until then, we want to know what you think:

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Here are Twitch’s thoughts on this game. And remember, he nailed yesterday’s games.

The UNC/Kentucky game is very intriguing. Both teams ended the season playing better basketball than when they started the year.

The teams actually mirror each other quite a bit too. Both have freshmen playing major roles, and both have solid inside-outside games.

I would urge everyone to not be too swayed by Friday night’s games, and really try to look at the matchups as a whole.

Knight/Marshall, Barnes/Jones, Zeller/Harrellson. In each matchup, Kentucky has the better athlete, but UNC has more skill.

I think that will be the key to the game. There will probably be a lot of fast breaking early on. It will be exciting, and Kentucky may even have a 6-10 point lead at some point. But as the game slows down, I think UNC’s skill will be the deciding factor.

Kentucky won’t be able to keep Zeller and Henson off the offensive glass, Marshall will make every right pass, and Barnes will hit a few more key shots to put the game away for the Tar Heels.

  • North Carolina-Kentucky Prediction: UNC 83 – Kentucky 77
  • North Carolina-Kentucky Spread Pick: UNC +1
  • North Carolina-Kentucky Over-Under: Over


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