Video: Joshua Cribbs interviews Ray Lewis

A lot of the things that happen during Super Bowl week are overhyped and blow way, way, way out of proportion. (Case in point: this.) But one thing about Super Bowl week that I always enjoy is when great football players interview other great football players.

It’s not so much that the interviews are ever particularly hard-hitting or revealing – they aren’t – but I enjoy watching the interaction between guys who are arch rivals on Sundays but who are friendly off the field. Below is a great example, courtesy of the fine folks at YardBarker.

Josh Cribbs is one of the greatest all-around special teams players in NFL history. Ray Lewis is one of the greatest defensive players in NFL history. Cribbs is a Brown and Lewis is a Raven, so they play eachother twice each season. Here, the great Cribbs gets a chance to speak with the even greater Lewis, and the two discuss why they expect a defensive battle in Super Bowl XLV.



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