Video: Entertaining Media Day Interviews with the Steelers

You’ve seen James Harrison’s sarcastic description of how wanted to lay the Packers out…err, down, on pillows; you’ve seen Big Ben trying to do his Affable Quarterback impression; and you’ve seen Hines Ward bristle at being asked about his late night activities on Monday.

But do you know how Steelers players deal with having to wizz during games? Do you know what Hines Ward’s teammates think he will do after he retires? Do you know what Rashard Mendenhall was doing here? And, naturally, do you know what a fish without an eye is?

After you watch this video, via YardBarker’s TGI Sunday Super Bowl XLV coverage, you will the know to answers to all of those questions…and more:


And here is the blipsnipped version so you can jump around to the different questions if you wish to do so:



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