Incredible Time Lapse Video: “The Year of the Beard”

The video below has nothing to do with sports, but it is so well done and entertaining that I felt compelled to post it here.

Featured in the time lapse video – entitled The Year of the Beard and with one my favorite bands, Yeasayer, providing the soundtrack – is Cory Fauver. Here is his description: “As a part of a bet I grew my beard for a year and 6 weeks and took roughly one photo every day (sometimes more and sometimes I forgot).”

Now watch:

hat tip: Hot Clicks

The description at YouTube also says this: “The video won 2nd place in the Carleton College Golden Schillers short film competition.” I’d love to see the video that won. Cory’s video is not an original idea, as there have been plenty of beard time lapse videos; but I do think his is one of the best executed ones that I’ve seen. Well done Cory.



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