Links Natalie Portman Would Love: The NFL’s Championship Sunday is Set, and, Did Anything Else Happen This Weekend?

It’s morning. While you get out your favorite coffee mug, pour a glass of orange juice, and make sure you have enough milk for your bowl of cereal, get yourself back up to date with the happenings in, or at least somewhat near, the sporting universe.

The following are links that we’re certain Natalie Portman would love.

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After taking advantage of Steeler mistakes in the first two quarters, the Baltimore Ravens fell apart in fantastic fashion in the second half — the third quarter was particularly brutal — when simply playing average and boring may have been enough to advance.  Pittsburgh, as it so often seems, did enough to survive, especially when given second, third, and fourth chances to do so.

— The Steelers will host the New York Jets next Sunday, who, yup, put some substance behind all those words in a pretty convincing, controlling victory over the Evil Empire.  Bart Scott was, uh, happy?

— Watching Saturday night’s events in an energized, crowded bar, hugging and high-fiving friends and complete strangers alike, was all kinds of fun (I probably looked especially dumb during Tramon Williams’ pick-six at the end of the first half) and really, I’m still just trying to properly appreciate the ride.  NFC Championship game appearances don’t happen every year, so I’ll likely be spending this week trying to completely wrap my head around this whole situation.

— Anyway, Packers-Bears with the Super Bowl on the line, thanks to Chicago handling the over-matched Seattle Seahawks, is going to be pretty ridiculous.  Epic is, along with other words closely resembling epic, one word you’re going to hear over and over again this week.  I think I’m going to hide under my bed until Sunday.

— Elsewhere, other sports things did in fact happen.  Dirk came back, and then he left.  LeBron is still sitting, Chris Bosh also hurt himself, and the Heat are in a mini-skid.  The Clippers beat the Lakers last night.  The Nets can talk to Carmelo Anthony this week if they so choose, but ‘Melo seems less than enthusiastic.  And lastly, Denard Robinson is staying.

And so a long week of waiting begins.


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