Links Alison Brie Would Love: Next Year’s Carolina Panther Quarterback, NFL Coaching Survivors, and an Almost Carmelo Anthony Trade

It’s morning. While you get out your favorite coffee mug, pour a glass of orange juice, and make sure you have enough milk for your bowl of cereal, get yourself back up to date with the happenings in, or at least somewhat near, the sporting universe.

The following are links that we’re certain Alison Brie would love.

— Andrew Luck is going back to Stanford, but Ryan Mallett was kind enough to offer himself up as the sacrificial lamb for the Carolina Panthers. He’ll probably still be better than Jimmy Clausen, though.

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— One thing you can’t say is that RichRod was fired for lack of practice (old joke: dominated). The rest? Yeah, that’s probably why.

— Jason Garrett’s headset was already wired into Jerry Jones’s intercom, and re-wiring is a bitch, so he stays. Tony Sporano was spared in Miami because he blamed it all on Chad Henne.

— Elsewhere in the NFL: Looks like Matt Hasselbeck will start for the Seahawks in Saturday’s Wildcard game against the defending champs … In a probably half-assed effort, the NFL will look at ways to make sure we never have to hear the previous sentence again … Like they have been the last ten years, the Indianapolis Colts are a playoff threat, but this year they are a threatening version of an injured calf or something; which is still dangerous, I think.

— A day later, and yep, still true: Nobody is all that impressed with the BBWAA (except themselves, I presume), and now their cute little Web site got hacked. The sanctity of the internets are forever tarnished!

— NBA: The Nuggets, Nets and Cavaliers almost figured out a way to send Carmelo Anthony to New Jersey. It didn’t happen, and ‘Melo remains on a talented, winning team. That’s still good, right? …  The Dirk-less Mavericks (sigh) lost at home to Oklahoma City, while the Kings made the most of their one game under the bright lights of TNT with a win over the Nuggets, who couldn’t be bothered with this one …  Also, Yao Ming underwent hopefully career-restoring ankle surgery.

It’s Wildcard weekend. Hold on to your butts.


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