Photo Story: The Genius of Matt Millen

I am watching the Ohio State-Michigan game as I watch this, and the Buckeyes currently lead 24-7 over the beleaguered Wolverines. Granted, after yesterday’s craziness, an early 24-7 lead is meaningless (right Alabama?), but I think the safe bet would be Ohio State holding on and beating Rich Rodriguez for the third straight year.

With the first half about to end, there are two questions that must be asked. First, will this game mark the waning days of the RichRod era in Ann Arbor? Second, why in the hell is Matt Millen announcing this game, and why does it seem like he announces damn near every football game on TV?

The answer to the first question will not be known until at least after the Wolverines’ bowl game this year. The answer to the second question, however, is obvious: because Matt Millen’s a genius, that’s why. An example of this genius is depicted below.

the genius of matt millen

Note: if for some reason you can’t view the image above, view it here.



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