Those familiar with me personally or via my writing know I’m not exactly a fan of the mainstream sports or news media. I find them mostly arrogant, out of touch, and often unnecessarily condescending, especially toward bloggers out of (justified) fear that we — despite this being a second job for most of us — do a more thorough/accurate job than they.

All this is why I’ve been thrilled the past week or so with the baseball writers’ selections for the 2010 postseason awards.

2010 NL MVP Joey VottoFrom Rookies and Managers of the Year to MVPs and Cy Youngs, I disagree with NONE of them. (The coaches, on the other hand, ‘mismanaged’ the Gold Gloves terribly a few weeks back, but that’s minor.)

To put it more positively, I think the baseball writers did a PERFECT job. Thank you, guys, for seeing through your biases and picking the most-deserving players. For once, I have nothing further to add/bemoan…

…oh, except for Ryan Howard — coming off a career worst year (and historic futility in October – not that those games count, I know) — receiving multiple top 5 votes (including a second and third) in Monday’s NL MVP voting. But I’ve laboriously covered this topic many, many, many times in 2010 alone, so I’ll allow Hardball Talk to have the final words:

Ryan Howard got a second place vote, a third place vote a fourth, two fifths, two sixths and a seventh. He’s a poor defensive first baseman who ranked 17th in OPSis there a player in the league for whom there is a greater disconnect between perceived value and actual value?

Correct. And I’m four long seasons ahead of you folks.

Ryan Howard

Pitchers and catchers report in 80 days, or thereabouts!

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