The single most mind-blowingly appropriate fact about the 2010 MLB Playoffs

One of the charms of baseball is the endless supply of factoids, anecdotes, and statistics that are unique to each game, each batter versus pitcher matchup, and each series.

In 2010, there is one that easily stands out above all others as the most mind-blowing of all.

Care to wager a guess what it is?

I’ll end the suspense very simply with the image below:

cody-ross-spelled-backwards-sorry-docCody Ross photo source: Chris McGrath/Getty Images via
Roy Halladay photo source: Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images via

Okay, so it’s not perfect. It’s actually “Ssory Doc”, but still. Even if you hang onto the “s” sound a bit long, you’re still saying “Sorry Doc”, and certainly Cody Ross owes Halladay and Phillies fans an apology for spoiling their supposed runaway World Series freight train.

Yes, seeing as how Ross has helped to stake the Giants to a 2-1 series lead (of this posting), which includes two HRs of the great Roy Halladay and another in Game 2, I’d say “Sorry Doc” is pretty appropriate.

Note: all the credit for this factoid goes to the sublimely named Reddit user strasburgers who pointed it out here. Outstanding work good sir. I hope you won’t mind me posting with proper attribution given.

Update: I see that this was already pointed out earlier in the week here, which is why Big League Stew should always be your first stop for sports blog baseball coverage.

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