Friday Injury Updates: Favre, Addai, Donald Brown, and more

Brett Favre is injured everyone. Seriously.

What? You hadn’t heard yet? Yeah, he’s got a bum ankle. He’s been in a walking boot all week. Hasn’t practiced. The streak – the streak – is in jeopardy.

Look, let’s just get the Brett Favre portion of this injury update out of the way right off the bat. I will believe that Brett Favre is not going to start on Sunday when Tarvaris Jackson is under center and has taken the first snap of the game. Until then, I don’t care if practices or doesn’t practice. I don’t care if he says he’s going to play or not. I don’t care if Brad Childress says Favre will play or not.

If we’ve learned one thing from all of the Favre nonsense over the past few years, it’s this: no matter what, when the issue is Brett Favre playing football, expect him to play. That’s it, it’s that simple.

When you can find me one, just one, example of the opposite being true, then we’ll talk. Until then, you simply have to assume he’ll play – the only debate is over how well he’ll play. For the record, I have Favre ranked #21 in this week’s player rankings.

So there’s your Brett Favre injury update. Now onto all of the other Week 8 injury updates for all fantasy-relevant offensive players.

Joseph Addai remains out for the Colts with a neck injury. He could miss a few weeks. Similarly, Austin Collie is out after have surgery on his hand. He will also likely miss a few weeks.

donald-brown-injury-updateStepping in for Addai will be, well, we’re not quite sure yet. Donald Brown is supposed to be the guy, but he continues to be slowed by a hamstring injury and still hasn’t practiced. WTF Donald!? The problem here is that the Colts play Monday night, so you need to know who is starting for them Sunday or use an alternative. The best case would be for you to snatch up Mike Hart and then just start whoever ends up playing. At this point, Hart is a decent guy to have with the inability of Addai and Brown to stay healthy.

Stepping in for Austin Collie could be Anthony Gonzalez, another guy who hasn’t been able to stay healthy. Gonzo has practiced all week and should play. How well? Who knows. We haven’t seen him on the field in a while.

Concerning me as I go through the injury report is that Reggie Wayne and Pierre Garcon, my top two WRs for Week 8 thanks to the matchup versus the Texans, are both on there with hamstring injuries. Garcon did not practice Thursday. Wayne practiced some. Both are expected to play, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much. With the injuries the Colts have had, look for Peyton Manning to lean on these two guys heavily against a Texans’ pass D that is simply awful.

Carson Palmer has not been practicing because of a hip issue. He is expected to play Sunday against the Dolphins, and should have another solid day. He’ll be throwing to Terrell Owens who is on the injury report but also expected to play.

Dexter McCluster has the dreaded high ankle sprain and will likely be out a few weeks. Bench him for now, if you were planning to play him at all anyway.

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