Fantasy Football Week 8 Player Rankings

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If it’s Tuesday you know it means two things here at MSF Fantasy Sports: the start em sit em projections go up and I take my first stab at ranking all of the fantasy-relevant players for the week.

Here is attempt #1, with updates to come as the week progresses.

fantasy football week 8 rankings - qb, rb, wr, te, defense

Fantasy Football Week 8 Rankings

Note: The Falcons, Ravens, Bears, Browns, Giants, Eagles are on bye, and thus players from these teams are not ranked.

Remember, these rankings are general. They are a guide for how I view players in relationship to one another, but could and would vary based on your league’s scoring settings. Also, the specifics of your roster could dictate whether one player plays over another. So use this is as a guide and feel free to ask specific questions below.

And a lot can still change between now and Sunday. I will update these rankings at least once between now and kickoff, probably twice. Follow us on Twitter for all the latest player updates and late breaking fantasy-relevant news.

Fantasy Football Week 8 Rankings: Quarterback

fantasy-football-week-8-rankingsNot ranked due to injury uncertainty: Vince Young (at SD), Brett Favre (at NE), David Garrard (at DAL), Max Hall (v TB), Alex Smith (v DEN in London)

  1. Peyton Manning (v HOU)
  2. Kyle Orton (v San Francisco in London)
  3. Philip Rivers (v TEN)
  4. Aaron Rodgers (at NYJ)
  5. Drew Brees (v PIT)
  6. Ben Roethlisberger (at NO)
  7. Tom Brady (v MIN)
  8. Donovan McNabb (at DET)
  9. Chad Henne (at CIN)
  10. Carson Palmer (v MIA)
  11. Ryan Fitzpatrick (at KC)
  12. Matt Cassel (v BUF)
  13. Sam Bradford (v CAR)
  14. Matt Schaub (at IND)
  15. Jon Kitna (v JAX)
  16. Mark Sanchez (v GB)
  17. Kerry Collins (at SD)
  18. Josh Freeman (at ARI)
  19. Matthew Stafford (v WAS)
  20. Matt Hasselbeck (at OAK)
  21. Matt Moore (at STL)
  22. Tarvaris Jackson (at NE)
  23. Derek Anderson (v TB)
  24. David Carr (v San Francisco in London)

Fantasy Football Week 8 Rankings: Running Back

Not ranked due to injury uncertainty: Steven Jackson (STL), DeAngelo Williams (at STL), Joseph Addai (v HOU), Dexter McCluster (v BUF)

  1. Arian Foster (at IND)
  2. Adrian Peterson (at NE)
  3. Chris Johnson (at SD)
  4. Frank Gore (v DEN in London)
  5. Rashard Mendenhall (at NO)
  6. Darren McFadden (v SEA)
  7. Maurice Jones-Drew (at DAL)
  8. Ryan Torain (at DET)
  9. Thomas Jones (v BUF)
  10. LaDainian Tomlinson (v GB)

Head over to MSF Fantasy Sports to see the rest of our Week 8 RB rankings, as well as every fantasy-relevant WR, TE, and Defense ranked for Week 8.

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