Do you like brackets? And Jim McMahon? Of course you do. So you’ll like this.

As you know, I am a proud participant in this year’s Blogger Fantasy Football League, sponsored by P&G and hosted on the new fantasy platform. We got to draft in the NFL offices, the league winner gets an all expense paid trip to this year’s Super Bowl, and each of us represents a specific P&G brand, with MSF proudly repping Head & Shoulders.

So when I heard about H&S’s new promotion with Troy Polamalu, and eight other memorably coifed NFL legends, I was only too happy to share the news.

Besides, this being a Midwest sports blog, how can we not promote something that features the iconic Jim McMahon?

jim-mcmahon-hairImage source:

Now go watch this. Let’s be honest. It never gets old.

Okay, here are the details of the H&S hair challenge:

This is a weekly, bracket-style tournament where eight NFL Legends will be competing for the title of most iconic NFL hair style of all time. Fans can vote for their favorite player each week until ultimately one player goes hair-to-hair against current heavy-weight, Troy Polamalu for NFL hair supremacy.

The Mane Event officially kicks off with a matchup between Mike Golic and his tightly curled locks and Jim McMahon with his pretty boy style at

In October, the NFL player left standing will challenge Troy Polamalu on ESPN’s Mike & Mike in the Morning, where the final winner will be anointed.

Mane Event showdowns include:

  • Week of 8/23: Jim McMahon vs. Mike Golic
  • Week of 8/30: Jimmy Johnson vs. Tony Siragusa
  • Week of 9/6: Brian Bosworth vs. John Riggins
  • Week of 9/13: Anthony Muñoz vs. Franco Harris

For more information, go to

In case you didn’t figure out, MSF officially endorses Jim McMahon.

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