New Contest: The Search For the Greatest Retro Cub and Indian

If you are a fan of the White Sox, Twins, Cardinals, Reds, or even the Tigers, there is still a lot of drama to come during the balance of the 2010 MLB regular season. However, if you are a Cubs or Indians fan, your team sits at 15.5 games out of first place as I sit here typing on August 7th. Barring a miracle, both teams will be at home come October.

But we are not front-runners here at Midwest Sports Fans, and both Cubs and Indians fans are among our readership; thus I pledge to you that we will not forget about you during the dog days of August and September. (Keep in mind, I am an Indiana basketball fan that has had to suffer through three straight years of depression and disappointment. I feel a small fraction of your pain Indians and Cubs fans!)

That is why I decided to launch this contest. I wanted to find a way to give suffering Cubs and Indians fans something to smile about over the next two months. And in my experience as a baseball fan, few things make baseball fans smile like old and often goofy pictures of retro ball players.

If you don’t believe me, go to Sharapova’s Thigh and look through their list of Random Retro Baseball Players, like this one (complete list in sidebar). That’s entertainment.

So our goal is simple: let’s sift through the litany of unintentionally entertaining retro Cubs and Indians to come up with the greatest retro Cub and the greatest retro Indian of all time.

What does “greatest” mean? Who knows. It’s totally open to interpretation; you the reader will decide with your votes. And you’ll surely be voting on guys like these two classics (assuming someone nominates them):


Here is how this will work:

  • For the next three weeks, I will accept nominations for the greatest retro Cub and the greatest retro Indian. You can submit your nomination using the form at the bottom of this post. (If you have any problems, just email me: jerod [at] midwestsportsfans [dot] com.)
  • Be sure to include the goofiest picture of the player that you can find, along with a description of why you are nominating that player. (And make sure you include your correct email address so I can get in contact with you if you win.)
  • Three Saturdays from now, on August 28th, I will post all of the nominations with some sort of system in place for readers to vote on a winner. That system will be determined based on how many nominations there are. It could be a bracket or it could be some other method. But you will get to choose the winners.
  • Once winners are chosen, the nominators of the 1st and 2nd place finishers on both the Cubs side and the Indians side will receive T-Shirts, courtesy of our friends at Alternative Hero. Below is what the shirts look like. Click on the image to go to the Alternative Hero site to buy one:

102nd-time-charmrebuliding-since-1908rebuilding-since-1948So that’s it. Pretty simple huh? And I think it will be fun. There are A LOT of goofy former Cubs and Indians who could be nominated, so I look forward to seeing who you come up with.

Here’s the nomination form:

[gravityform id=3 name=ContestSubmission Form]

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