The Pathetic Saga of Braylon Edwards: Drops, Delusions, Disorders, and Laughable Beards

I don’t have an especially long sports hate list, but I do feel an especially strong sense of rancor towards each person/team on it. (And for the record, that list includes, but is not necessarily limited to: Jay Mariotti; the Chicago Cubs; Purdue University; Ben Roethlisberger; Roger Clemens; and, of course, John Calipari.)

And then there is Braylon Edwards, who has slowly but surely nudged his way ever so close to the Throne of Sports Hate that currently features Mariotti and Calipari engaged in an unnecessary but  lurid embrace.

Well, Braylon once again could not resist making a petty turd out of himself, with his latest display of douchebaggery involving Dropsie taking yet another unnecessary shot at the city of Cleveland.

Since I understand my own limitations and have an ounce of humility, unlike Braylon, I will do what I do best (find goofy pictures of athletes) while letting a couple of Cleveland’s finest bloggers break down a man whose arrogance and sense of entitlement continue to astound me.

Before I turn it over to those guys though, let’s all point and laugh at Braylon and his ridiculous beard.

braylon-edwards-beardImage credit: Ben Solomon for The New York Times via NYT

Psst…hey Braylon…I doubt Rhianna will accept a $10,000 bottle of champagne from you just because you have a jungle growing on your face.

On the bright side Braylon, you can stop looking up at the video board for confirmation; yes, you caught the football. Congrats. Yes, we’re all surprised too. Now just try to do it in a game…when it matters.

braylon edwards dropped passGIF hat tip: Dan McQuade via SBNation

[Note: just in case you want to see a gallery of every pass thrown to Braylon Edwards during the 2008 and 2009 seasons, click here.]

And now onto some actual analysis from a couple of folks who, unfortunately for them, had to witness the Braylon Era up close and personal.

From Brendan at Waiting for Next Year:

He is looking for any explanation that exculpates his personal shortcomings as an employee of the organization.  I cannot speak to the psychological reasons why he continually makes this case – delusion, insecurity, provocation – but his propensity for dropping the football at the most crucial times led to unrealized expectations and an unfulfilling career in Cleveland.  This caused the fans disappointment, and in some cases, anger – “the saddest thing in life is wasted talent.”


And now perhaps the best analysis of Braylon’s on-field and off-field failings, and his inexplicable inability to accept even one iota of responsibility.

From Cleveland Frowns:

All that Cleveland’s problem ever was with Braylon was that we paid for the cars, the suits and all that flash and all we ever really got from him was a scolding that we didn’t appreciate him enough, and his intentional sabotage of Eric Mangini’s rebuilding efforts in 2009.*

Which even still might all be fine by now if Braylon didn’t continue to refuse to accept any responsibility at all for what went wrong here during his time as the most (or at least one of the very most) highly compensated members of the Cleveland Browns. Or maybe even just if he wasn’t still saying things like that “nobody in Cleveland has anything going on.” Has an athlete ever gone so far in criticizing the citizens of a place where he played? Isn’t there only one kind of person who’d say this sort of thing?

[Plater] saw in her son this off-season something that had vanished — a level of happiness last evident in his senior year at Michigan.
“This is all I ever needed,” Edwards said. “And all I never had [in Cleveland].”

Of course. The kind of person who would take Cleveland’s $40 million to do a job that he couldn’t do, then blame Cleveland itself for not making him happy.


I think that last picture just about sums it up, but not for Braylon; rather, it sums up what Clevelanders and Browns fans everywhere felt like during all of Braylon’s time there (outside of his inexplicable dominance in ’07) and certainly the sad, petty time since he’s been gone.

It’s not often that a talented and athletic player can leave a team and not only not be missed, but have his departure celebrated…especially when his position remains a definitive position of weakness on his former team. But I don’t know one Browns fans who would take Braylon, his beard, and his bad attitude back.

Maybe someday Braylon Edwards will look in the mirror and realize that his biggest enemy has not been Cleveland, its oftentimes dysfunctional organization, poor quarterback play, 5 Hour Energy, or any of the multitudes of other excuses he surely has conjured up in his own mind. Nope, Braylon’s biggest enemy has been, and always will be, himself. And until he grows up or acquires some sort of self-awareness, Jets fans can expect much more of this than this.

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