10 Hilarious Moments with Louis CK

I’ve already shown top 10 love to Zach Galifianakis and Dave Chappelle, and they are two of the most visited posts in MSF history. Thus, it is only fitting that I honor my favorite comedian at the moment with a similar post.

The great Louis CK.

Louis isn’t exactly new on the comedy scene; he’s been around for a while. I just always seem to be late to the ballgame when it comes to appreciating really good comedians. (Hell, I’m still working through George Carlin’s archives right now…probably a future top 10 post.)

louis-ck-videos-stand-upI first caught Louis’ raw, unpretentious comedic genius when someone sent me a link to the first video below, which is Louis’ riff from an appearance on Conan regarding technology and how little people appreciate what we have. Then when I saw that Louis had a new show on FX (Tuesday nights, 10:00 PM CT), which just premiered about a month ago, I decided I had to tune in.

I’ve really enjoyed the show. It doesn’t feel like it has hit it’s stride yet – and it is only four episodes in – but the stand-up interludes would make the show worth watching even if the scripted parts sucked (which they don’t).

And that brilliant stand-up is what I’ve highlighted below, with my 10 favorite Louis CK stand-up bits, plus links to a few others that didn’t make the cut.

You may have your own personal favorites that didn’t make the list – and if so, please provide links in the comment section – but these are the ones that make me literally laugh out loud every time I see them.


Everything’s Amazing and Nobody’s Happy

I’ve embedded this on MSF before, and you’ve probably seen it. But it’s worth watching again.

Louis CK on Being White [NSFW]

I’m fairly certain that both the white boys and the brothers among us will enjoy this one. Louis’ brilliance at its best.

Louis CK on Turning 40 [NSFW]

Damn…I’ve got 11 years left until this is my reality.

Louis CK on Getting Fat [NSFW]

And speaking of things I’ll soon be able to unfortunately relate to…

Louis CK on Single People [NSFW]

“If you’re single, your life has no consequence on the Earth, even if you’re helping people aggressively…which you’re not. You can die and it actually doesn’t matter.”

Louis CK on Married Men [NSFW]

Now that we’ve heard Louis’ views on single people, how about what it’s like to be a married man. I’m not married, but can I anticipate agreeing wholeheartedly.

Louis CK on Fun with a Girl [NSFW]

Louis CK on Being Broke [NSFW]

If you’re a blogger, or a drunk and/or high college student (and really, who else reads MSF?), you’ll be able to appreciate this one. The audio is not good on this one, but it’s worth it.

Louis CK on Kids Names and Their Questions [NSFW]

Louis opens with a riff at the beginning about names, ending with his ultimate name for a kid: “LadiesandGentlemen.” He also talks about the parenting, including the idiocy of playing Hide and Seek with his kids, who run the house and compel Louis and his wife to do all kinds of ridiculous things. This video ends with a discussion of the impossibility of answering kids’ questions. Why? Why? Why?

And we’ll end it with this one…

Louis CK on The Difference Between Girls and Women [NSFW]

The way this one opens sums it up: “When girls go wild, they show their tits. When women go wild, they kill men.”

If you still want more, here are a few others that didn’t quite make the cut:

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