Hey Ray Knight, you will respect Rob Dibble’s authoritahhhh!

What Jimmy Traina said in his tweet about the video below sums it up perfectly:

The unlikeability of Rob Dibble in this clip, in which he argues with Ray Knight, is off the charts

Quick background: the video was taken after yesterday’s 1-0 Royals victory over the Nationals in which Stephen Strasburg got his first loss despite striking out 9 batters, walking none, and giving up only 1 run in 6 innings. The only blemish was 9 hits given up, which is slightly higher than you might like from an ace.

But seeing as how the kid is 21 years old and already one of the best pitchers in baseball, I think we can all live with a few hits.¬†Just don’t – and I mean don’t – tell Rob Dibble that Strasburg was giving up hits because he was around the plate too much.

You hear that Ray Knight? Don’t do it! You only got a hit in the World Series; Rob Dibble was an NLCS MVP!!! And he can melt granite with the beams of his icy glare!

Hmm, if I were to rate Rob Dibble’s performance here on the Scales of Douche, I’m giving him eight Mariottis.


You better watch your back Ray. One day you’re going to turn around and see this staring you in the face before pee starts dibbling (misspelling intended) down your leg out of sheer terror.

rob-dibble-douche-fistImage source: HealthHaven.com

And if that doesn’t get you to admit you’re wrong, he’ll bring a bat next time.

rob-dibble-batImage source: Can’t Stop the Bleeding

So tighten up Ray Knight, you old slap hitting buffoon. You picked a fight with the wrong middle reliever. This one has TATTOOS! And a goatee! And a nasty attitude!

So the next time you think about arguing with Rob Dibble, just remember:

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