Report: LeBron’s Elbow “Way Worse Than is Generally Known”

Well, if you haven’t heard about it yet, then you’ve been either living in a rock, don’t have internet or cable, or just have been too busy to notice that the latest NBA buzz is surrounding the great LeBron James.

More specifically, the buzz is about LeBron’s elbow, and the possibility that the injury may be “way worse” than anyone realizes or than the Cavs will let on. (More on that in a bit.)

To clarify, LeBron James has been playing with what was originally deemed a minor elbow issue, but ever since the Cavaliers met up with the Bulls in the first round, LeBron’s elbow has gotten more aggravated, leading to a great deal of worry in Cleveland.

Ever since that incident, many things have been occurring. First, there were the questions as to why LeBron would shoot a free-throw with his left hand. Many began to question whether or not this was a publicity stunt or not. After it was confirmed that LeBron did indeed tweak his elbow, which was already bothering him to some extent, the chatter began to get much worse.


After all of the fallout over one of LeBron James’ joints, a big LeBron stalker…(cough), I mean fan, decided to make a Twitter account, that had everything on LeBron’s elbow. Really. Don’t believe me? Follow @LeBronsElbow here (Then follow this other great guy…)

Can you believe that? This goes to show you how important a JOINT of the LeBron James can be, and how much exposure it can receive. Is there actually a point to it all?


Perhaps there is.

The Cavs began their 2nd round series against the Boston Celtics this past weekend, a high-IQ, great defensive team, and a former champion. Indeed, a challenge!

Cleveland began the series by taking the Celtics out in the 2nd half of Game 1 to get a decent victory, much courtesy of Mo Williams.¬†Then came Game 2, the game that really sparked everything for the “Le-Elbow” drama.

Everything was looking great for the re-newly named MVP, LeBron, whom received his 2nd straight MVP award before Game 2. But then the game started. And it is fair to say that the Celtics destroyed the Cavaliers, due to what some would call a soft performance by LeBron (24,7,7). Not bad numbers, right? Not at all. But you’d really have to see the game to wonder if something was wrong, as most of LeBron’s layups were left-handed, and he missed all 4 of his 3-point attempts.

The Celtics at one point had a 25 point lead, and the final score was 104-86. Might I add this was in Cleveland.

But this is not the worst part of the news…

Courtesy of RealGM, there are reports surfacing that LeBron’s elbow is much worse than reported:

According to a report on, the injury to LeBron James’ right elbow is “way worse than is generally known” and the Cavs’ superstar should not be playing in his present condition.

“A source close to the Cleveland Cavaliers who wished to remain anonymous has admitted that LeBron James should not [be] playing with his injury in its current state,” the report reads. “Apparently, the damage is enough that the right arm of King James … is having great difficulty in carrying anything heavier than a basketball.”

The report does say that it cannot be “independently verified” but other sites like have picked up on it as well.

Scary news for Cavs fans? That’s an understatement.

Update: [Editor’s Note: While the above report is making the rounds today, it should be noted that, as our friend Scott from Waiting for Next Year tweeted this morning, “Regardless of what it *looked* like, everyone close to the situation has refuted said report.” Obviously all Cavs fans are hoping this is the case. We’ll find out a lot more tomorrow

Also, ESPN’s Rachel Nichols just tweeted that if LeBron feels good enough, a scheduled MRI will not be necessary. This would obviously be great news and really what everyone should pay attention to who is worried about LeBron’s health.]

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m prepared to make a prediction based on this information…so mark this down!

If LeBron James’ elbow is really described to the degree as it is above, then the Cavaliers will not win a championship. They most likely won’t even pass Orlando.

But you and I both know that. The Cavs are the King’s team. Without him, and without him at full strength, what we saw in Game 2 against the Celtics may not be an anomaly.


* – LeBron holding elbow photo credit: AP Photo/Nam Y Huh via

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