Super Bowl Free Spread Pick and Over-Under Odds Analysis

It has been a fantastic year predicting games. Picking against the spread my record on the year is 36-21, meaning 63% of the time I win picking against the spread.

I do believe that is what they call “straight cash homie”.

I know lots of people throw out numbers like that, however every prediction I have given you is posted on the site, and more importantly for you…it’s free. I know places that pray they win 63%, because they charge a nice fee,; we give these picks to you for free so I hope you all have enjoyed this year.

Yesterday, I analyzed the QBs in today’s game. Today, I am giving you a free spread pick for Super Bowl 44 and analyzing the over-under odds.

super-bowl-44-free-spread-pickFirst for the over-under odds. As you all know, I don’t make these predictions often, but it is the Super Bowl, and I do like where the number falls at 57.5. (Editor’s note: some books have it at 56.5.)

I would imagine that everyone thinks this is going to be a high scoring affair and a majority of the people out there are taking the over. What they don’t know is that both of these teams have very underrated defenses.

In the divisional rounds, the Colts gave up 3 points against the Ravens, and the Saints gave up only 14 points against the Cardinals (don’t forget the Cardinals scored 51 points against the Packers the week before). The following week, the Colts gave up 17 to the Jets, and the Saints gave up 28 against the high scoring Vikings.

Both of these offenses run on a rhythm and have not played for two weeks. I expect this to be a very low scoring first half, with a majority of points scored in the second half. The Guru says take the under, all they way to the bank.

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