Sunday Divisional Round NFL Playoffs Picks

The Divisional Round Playoffs are here and I will be sharing a very important tip for all of you bettors out there: don’t get caught in the hype.

During the 1st round of the playoffs, every team that won looked extremely impressive and are fresh in peoples minds. However, there is a reason why these teams are playing in the first round. They are not as consistent as the teams that had byes.

People often bet on emotion, and what they remember last, and that’s why people lose and the Guru wins…like yesterday, when both of my Saturday divisional round picks were correct.

For the year the Guru is making the right pick 64% of the time against the spread.

Here is my breakdown of today’s Minnesota-Dallas game. Click over to for my Jets-Chargers pick.

Cowboys vs Vikings(-2.5)

This is my favorite beat of the weekend. The Giants have owned the Cowboys for the past couple of years. Here is why: the Giants run the ball, and rushed the passer well. Why is that important? The Vikings can run, and rush the passer better the Giants. If you can put constant pressure against Romo, he makes big mistakes. Watch for this to be a close game in the fourth quarter and a mistake by the Cowboys seal the deal as the Vikings cover.

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