2010 NBA All-Star Rosters Announced

Well everyone, the wait is pretty much over. Last week we had gotten word of who would start for the East, and who would start for the West. Earlier today, it has been confirmed that the complete roster have been announced for the 2010 NBA All-Star game in Dallas.

Before I get to the teams, let me assure you that this will be the BIGGEST NBA All-Star game to date. Why? Well simply due to the fact that it is taking place in Dallas. And guess where in Dallas? The Dallas Cowboys brand new stadium, which was opened at the beginning of the NFL’s season.

The seating capacity for the modernly-gorgeous stadium is a whopping 80,000. Can you believe that? The domed arena, which seats 80,000, will host this year’s NBA All-Star game. Can you say, BIG?

I now present to you, the 2010 NBA All-Star rosters:



PG: Allen Iverson (Philadelphia 76ers)

SG: Dwyane Wade (Miami Heat)

SF: LeBron James (Cleveland Cavaliers)

PF: Kevin Garnet (Boston Celtics)

C: Dwight Howard (Orlando Magic)


F: Chris Bosh (Toronto Raptors)

F: Paul Pierce (Boston Celtics

G: Joe Johnson (Atlanta Hawks)

G: Derrick Rose (Chicago Bulls)

C: Al Horford (Atlanta Hawks)

WC: Gerald Wallace (Charlotte Bobcats)

WC: Rajon Rondo (Boston Celtics)



PG: Steve Nash (Phoenix Suns)

SG: Kobe Bryant (Los Angeles Lakers)

SF: Carmelo Anthony (Denver Nuggets)

PF: Tim Duncan (San Antonio Spurs)

C: Amar’e Stoudemire (Phoenix Suns)


F: Dirk Nowitzki (Dallas Mavericks)

F: Kevin Durant (Oklahoma City Thunder)

G: Deron Williams (Utah Jazz)

G: Brandon Roy (Portland Trailblazers)

C: Pau Gasol (Los Angeles Lakers)

WC: Zach Randolph (Memphis Grizzlies)

WC: Chris Paul (New Orleans Hornets)

Now, there are quite a few of things I am upset with. They could have fixed the East starters a little (*cough* Allen Iverson *cough*). They could have also thrown in Dirk as a starter, I mean come on, the game is in Dallas. But nonetheless, the rosters look great. Should be a hell of a game for all fans!


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