New AP Poll Displays Obvious Bias and Disrespect

The new AP college football poll was released earlier today, and the top four are as expected 1) Florida, 2) Texas, 3) Alabama, and 4) LSU.

But then it gets hairy.

Boise State won and slipped from fifth to sixth? Virginia Tech barely beat a team that lost to Richmond, and slides up a spot?

It’s the same in the coaches poll.

The bias against Boise State has begun.

They’re going to do all they can to prevent an unbeaten Broncos team from playing for a national title.



The AP writer calls Boise’s 34-16 win over UC-Davis “lackluster,” but Virginia Tech’s eight-point win over hapless Duke was somehow more impressive?

Yes, a 34-26 win at Duke the same Blue Devils that lost to a I-AA team, and whose only two wins are against a bad Army team and I-AA North Carolina Central. Duke played even with the Hokies for all but one quarter, but Tech’s win was apparently more impressive than Boise’s.

Crazy talk, I tell you, crazy talk. 

Remember Week One when Boise St. beat up on Oregon  at least during the game anyway and Virginia Tech lost to Alabama? Yes, remember that.

Virginia Tech lost a game, and Boise State has not.

Another thing to consider is that Oregon hasn’t lost since the Boise defeat, and is up to 13th in the poll.

You scroll a little further down the list, and you have to wonder why Wisconsin isn’t getting any respect.

The Badgers went on the road for the first time Saturday, and held off a late rally by Minnesota to retain Paul Bunyan’s axe for the sixth straight year.

Wisconsin led most of the way, but did voters just look at the 31-28 score and deem the win over a 3-1 team unworthy of praise?

A 5-0 Wisconsin team left out of the top 25? Seriously?

The Badgers are 2-0 in the Big Ten, and better than Missouri, South Carolina, Ole Miss, and Kansas. The coaches’ poll has Wisconsin at No. 25, but how does anybody justify leaving an undefeated Big Ten team out of the rankings?

bret bielemaIs it because Wisconsin hasn’t beaten a ranked team? Well, guess what. Neither has Florida, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Texas, Cincinnati, Ohio State, TCU, Penn State, Oklahoma State, Auburn, Ole Miss, or Nebraska. None of those teams have beaten ranked teams either, and they’re all ranked.

Mizzou’s schedule is pathetic, and it’s in the top 25?

Wisconsin has a chance to prove itself in the coming weeks against No. 9 Ohio State and No. 12 Iowa. Two wins there, and the Badgers just might vault into the top 10 at 7-0. Unfortunately, it could be at the expense of a team like Boise, which just keeps winning, but probably has no chance of cracking the top 5 again.

It’s a shame, and just another reason why a post-bowl, four-team playoff is a necessity.

Let the national title participants be decided on the field, instead of at the desks of ignorance and bias.


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