Friday Morning Would…You Rather Have Your Teams’ Best Player Date Minka Kelly or Kate Hudson?

The 2009 World Series embodies everything that a Midwest baseball fan hates.

1) No representation from either of the Central Divisions. That’s right, no White Sox, Cubs, Cardinals, Tigers, Twins, Brewers, Astros, Indians, etc. In fact, none of these teams even really came close.

2) Two straight weeks of complete immersion in the East Coast bias/obsession that can become so annoying and grating during the regular season.

3) A battle of two teams with enormous payrolls who, on a yearly basis, pluck the best players off of teams in smaller markets who cannot afford them. (And yes, I know the Cubs, and to a certain extent the White Sox, have a high payroll…but Chicago gets Milton Bradley and Alex Rios, New York and Philly get C.C. and Cliff Lee.)

With all of that being said, I’ve decided that we have done enough actual analysis of this year’s World Series. AJ wrote a great preview piece earlier this week, and that will have to suffice.

In place of the article that I was going to write about the 2009 World Series (currently tied at 1-1 if you live in The Shire and don’t get Fox or have an Internet connection) before I thought more about it and just got pissed off, I decided that we could all benefit from a couple of gratuitous photo galleries of two of the most attractive WAGs on either team.

So while there are many legit questions out there as the series heads to Philly (What’s up with ARod and Ryan Howard? Does either manager have faith in its bullpen?), we are going to tackle one that is perhaps a little less exigent as part of our usual Friday Morning Would series.

Would you rather have your favorite baseball hero date Minka Kelly or Kate Hudson?

First, the tale of the tape:

Minka Kelly v Kate Hudson

  Minka Kelly Kate Hudson
Date of Birth: 6/24/1980 4/19/1979
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles, CA
Height: 5' 6" 5/6"
Best known for: playing Lyla in Friday Night Lights playing Penny Lane in Almost Famous
Other roles: (500) Days of Summer, State's Evidence You, Me, and Dupree; How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, My Best Friend's Girl
Fun Fact #1: father is former Aerosmith guitarist Rick Dufay mom is famous actress Goldie Hawn
Fun Fact #2: has been on the last two Maxim Hot 100 lists now makes about $7 million per starring role

Now some visual evidence of the two.

Note: click on the thumbnails to enlarge the pictures, then click the enlarged lightbox image to return it to thumbnail size.

Minka Kelly Pictures and Video

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Fast forward to the 2:40 mark of this one, from Friday Night Lights.

Kate Hudson Pictures and Video

[nggallery id=7]

Okay, so now let’s break the debate down with some analysis of their respective positives and negatives.

Minka Kelly Positives:

  • She seems very quiet and down-to-earth, not someone who will draw unnecessary attention to herself.
  • She’s on a sports show about Texas high school football, so she clearly understands the old phrase “sports are not a matter of life or death…they’re much more important.”
  • She’s a brunette, and I’ve always been partial to brunettes.

Kate Hudson Positives:

  • She grew up in a world of fame and notoriety, so the spotlight will not faze her.
  • She is both worldly and still relatively young
  • She has a very solid, established career and makes good money herself; hence, she doesn’t need to date a famous baseball player

And now the negatives…


Wait, am I crazy? There aren’t any negatives for either one of these lovely ladies and they both clearly have been boons for their respective boyfriends’ performances this season.

Derek Jeter hit .334 during the regular season, which is .017 points higher than his already high career batting average. He also hit more home runs (18) than he’s hit since 2005 and stole more bases (30) than he has since 2006. And, as expected, so far so good in the playoffs as well. Jeter is 15-45 (.333) and has three HRs, five RBIs, and has scored ten runs.

Alex Rodriguez also had a solid season and then exploded during the first two playoff series, which many people actually attributed to the presence of Kate Hudson in his life. Something about how it made him relax more, or this, that, or the other.

Regardless, after hitting .286 with 30 HRs and 100 RBIs during the regular season — pretty pedestrian numbers by ARod’s lofty standards — he went 14-32 in the ALDS and ALCS with five HRs and 12 RBI, many of which were of the clutch variety. He has, however, struggled so far in the World Series (0-8 with 6 Ks).

So Minka Kelly clearly helped to engineer a regular season resurgence for The Captain, while Kate Hudson helped turn Alex Rodriguez into a playoff masher…at least until the World Series started.

The question though, is would you rather have your team’s star player dating? Is it as simple as the age-old blonde v brunette debate? Are there legitimate baseball reasons to choose one or the other? Do you not care and just feel grateful that I put together the two stunning photo galleries above?

Chime in below with your answer…and then, like me, go back to lamenting the absence of a non-East Coast team in the World Series while simultaneously preparing yourself to deal with it anyway.

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